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Motorola Has Ultimately Made The Moto E4 & The Moto E4 Plus Official

Jun 13, 2017 06:07 PM EDT


Motorolla has finally announced two new smartphones, Moto E4 and the Moto E4 Plus. The company unveiled another new handset Moto Z2 Play just two weeks ago.

Both the Moto E4 and the Moto E4 Plus are affordable with a number of great features, like the sharp look, important upgrades, and others. After a number of leaks and rumors, Motorola has, at last, made these two said handsets official. These two phones with remarkable features can meet the standards and needs of the consumers.

According to Motorola Blog, Moto E4 features 5.0-inch HD display with the unique metal design. No doubt the design explores its elegance. One important characteristic of this new Motorola smartphone is that users can update their status and stream important videos easily with this phone.

Moto E4 is equipped with the quad-core processor and can sport the 4G speed. This new handset of Motorola contains a 2800 mAh battery and 5MP camera in the front to capture images even in the low light mode. Users can have the opportunity to capture the perfect photo with the 8MP camera that has the autofocus feature.

Consumers can also avail another new handset of Motorola, Moto E4 Plus, for bigger display and battery. Moto E4 Plus is packed with the 5.5-inch HD display and the smooth metallic design gives the smartphone a unique look. A huge 5000 mAh battery provides the users a big opportunity to stay longer with the handset with a single charging.

This Motorola smartphone is built to support the 10W rapid charger to have a longer battery life in minutes of charging. Users can unlock the Moto E4 Plus with the fingerprint reader. The smartphone has the 13MP autofocus camera on the back and the 5MP camera on the front.

The selfie flash will help the consumers to avail sharp photos. The front camera and the flash together can bring clean images even in the low light mode. Moto E4 Plus also has the quad-core processor and is able to offer the 4G speed. This Motorola smartphone will be available with the Android 7.1 Nougat.

A few days ago Motorola Fans reported that a new event will be held in Brazil on June 21 to unveil a new Motorola handset. Motorola Brazil has already started to send invitations for this event. It is expected that the Lenovo-owned mobile company must uncover a new and different model in the said event.

Motorola holds 20 to 30percent market share in Brazil, even the country is considered as the biggest market of the company. Now the important thing is Moto E4 and the Moto E4 Plus are now official and they will be available later in June. Consumers can grab the Moto E4 at a cost price of $129.99 USD. On the other hand, Moto E4 Plus will have a starting price of $179 USD.

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