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118-Year-Old Watercolor Painting Discovered In A Historic Hut In Antarctica

Jun 14, 2017 01:52 PM EDT


The Antarctic Heritage Trust discovered a beautiful 118-year-old watercolor painting in a historic hut in Antarctica. Famous scientist Dr. Edward Wilson drew this painting.

Last year in September, popular trust conservator Josefin Bergmark-Jimenez discovered a watercolor painting of one small bird by Dr. Edward Wilson. Dr. Wilson died in 1912 along with three other explorers and Captain Robert Scott while returning from a trip to the South Pole. According to Mail Online, Josefin Bergmark-Jimenez became surprised to see the wonderful 118-year-old watercolor painting. She was shocked to see the vibrancy of the colors of this unique piece of art.

The Antarctic Heritage Trust first revealed the 118-year-old watercolor painting among the portfolio of papers inside the historic hut in Antarctica. It is still a mystery how the painting came to the historic hut at the Cape Adare in Antarctica. Currently, 1500 artifacts are restored by the trust.

The trust collected these artifacts from the historic hut. At first, Josefin Bergmark-Jimenez did not know the real creator of the 118-year-old watercolor painting. She also failed to understand how this beautiful painting was kept between the other sheets of paper inside the hut. 

The team of the said trust first thought differently about the creator of the 118-year-old watercolor painting. The New Zealand Herald revealed that the huts at the Cape Adare were built in 1989 during the Norwegian Carsten Borchgrevink's expedition. The Captain Scott's party later used the huts in 1911. So the team thought that the creator of the painting must be a member of the expedition teams.

But Bergmark-Jimenez became familiar with the real fact when she attended a lecture on scientist Dr. Wilson at the Canterbury University in New Zealand. After attending the lecture, she recognized Dr. Wilson's handwriting. Later on, she discovered the creator of the 118-year-old watercolor painting.

Dr. Wilson was a great painter and also associated with the Captain Scott's expeditions in 1911 and 1912. He was a scientist and also a medical doctor of the expedition teams. The 118-year-old watercolor painting depicted a tree creeper bird. The trust team reported that Dr. Wilson painted the bird's image during the recovery times from tuberculosis in Europe.

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