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The 3 Oldest Living Things On Earth

Jun 14, 2017 06:07 PM EDT


Bristlecone Pine trees, Mediterranean seagrass and actinobacteria can make to the Top 10 list of the oldest living things on Earth. They are undisputedly known to have the longevity to live more than a thousand years old.

Among the trees, Bristlecone Pine trees are well-known as one of the oldest living things on Earth, able to live up to 5,000 years old. According to Live Science, the oldest known living Bristlecone Pine tree is recorded to live for 5,062 years old in the White Mountains of California. In order to prevent further damage to the tree, the exact location of this oldest Bristlecone Pine tree has never been unveiled.

As one of the oldest living things on Earth, this Bristlecone Pine tree, or Pinus longaeva was germinated in 3,050 BC. At that time, a construction of Stonehenge had just begun and also marking the end of the Neolithic age in the ancient Egypt. The human being had just invented copper that marked the beginning of Copper Age.

Another candidate for the oldest living things on Earth is a particular species of seagrass, known as Posidonia Oceanica. This seagrass had been living on the seafloor of the Mediterranean Sea since 200,000 years ago, as reported by Popular Science. This plant is also known as Neptune Grass or Mediterranean tapeweed, which reproduces its offspring by cloning itself.

Up to now, the Neptune Grass inhabited the seafloor from Spain to Cyprus in a 2,000 miles long of undersea meadow. With its long life, this seagrass is undoubtedly is one of the oldest living things on Earth.

Meanwhile, one species that truly earn the crown as the oldest living things on Earth is actinobacteria. This is the living organism that has been living on Earth for 500,000 years. Actinobacteria is the most important living organism in for trees and all plants, whether aquatic or terrestrial.

Actinobacteria have been supporting live of the other plants by decomposing dead organism for the plant's consumption. This bacteria is truly the one deserve to be called the oldest living things on Earth.

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