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Zika Retreats In America; Pregnancy Problems Does Not Have To Blame Only On The Virus

Jun 14, 2017 05:09 PM EDT

Zika Virus Falls Back In America
(Photo : Seeker /Youtube) Zika Virus Falls Back In America

Zika virus is said to be on the retreat in the Americas. This would mean that the arising pregnancy problems should not be blamed on the virus itself.

NPR reported that Zika virus is retreating, in Brazil the cases decreased to 95% by last year. Even in Florida and Caribbean, the virus had been subsided and hiding. Fortunately, health officials in America haven't encountered any Zika virus for more than 45 days.

In Florida, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had announced that there's no reason for pregnant women to go far from the region. Thus, according to Science Daily, the degree of the Zika virus should not be blamed when it comes to pregnancy problems and fetal abnormalities anymore. Likewise, researchers have found that those who previously had dengue fever had no any presence of antibodies that are connected to pregnancy or birth.

Zika virus had been a threat for the past years because it brings a pattern of birth defects and pregnancy problems when a woman got infected during her pregnancy. Among 131 pregnant women who gets infected with the Zika virus, 4.6 percent of them had a mild condition, 74.8 percent are moderate and 20.6 percent are severe. Moreover, among 125 women, 46.4 percent had experienced abnormal pregnancy outcomes and nine fetuses died.

Thus, the researchers had defined and analyzed that the adverse outcomes and possible associations of the amount of Zika virus in the urine or blood along with the severity of symptoms as well as the viral load and health of the infant. They further evaluated that the findings were able to demonstrate that the amount of Zika virus in a pregnant woman does not necessarily cause fetal harm or death.

Meanwhile, even though Zika virus had retreated in America and the Zika virus was found that does not necessarily cause harm, the threats to pregnant women not yet ended. Thus, the CDC still released some precautions for pregnant women especially those who are in the previously infected area or traveling there.

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