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Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and J7 Max Introduced Its First Social Camera Feature With Samsung Pay

Jun 16, 2017 02:40 PM EDT


Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and J7 Max are said to be two of the most exciting smartphones that will come in the market. But as both devices are set to become available in the coming days or weeks, it was revealed at a press event in India that both devices will have its first social camera feature and will support Samsung Pay also.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and J7 Max are part of Samsung's mid-range J series product line. Both devices are said to be bringing in more features against other mid-range smartphones in the market today. Now, another exciting attribute is set to feature both devices and this will be the first time that it will be introduced on a smartphone brand.

According to SlashGear, both the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and J7 Max will have the social camera feature as part of Samsung plan of taking a social spin on its product. The social camera feature will be first of its kind on a smartphone and Samsung wants to be the instigator of it. But aside from the aforementioned feature, both device will also be bringing in the Samsung Pay service.

The social camera feature is all about sharing and sharing it instantly. The camera app would give the users of Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and J7 Max the opportunity to pin people and other social networking apps and share their recent photos right away. But not only that, the social camera feature will be a perfect complement to both smartphones' 13-megapixel rear and front cameras.

The 13-megapixel cameras of Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and J7 Max are also one the advantages of both devices to other mid-range smartphones today according to Android Authority. The front camera of both devices features a f/1.9 aperture lens while the rear camera carries a f/1.7 aperture lens which is perfect to capture photos or images in low light condition.

Aside from featuring the social camera app, Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and J7 Max will also support the Samsung Pay, a mobile payment and digital wallet service that allow users make payments using compatible phones and other Samsung devices. Consequently, it will also be the first time that Samsung will feature the Samsung Pay in mid-range smartphones.

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