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OnePlus Claims That OnePlus 5 Is Their Fastest-Selling Smartphone; Laughs At iPhone Design After Copying It

Jun 22, 2017 05:17 AM EDT

OnePlus 5 review
(Photo : The Verge / YouTube) OnePlus 5 is a lot like its its predecessor, with a fast processor, lots of RAM, and an aluminum design, but it has a couple of new tricks up its sleeve, such as a dual camera and a new price.

Good news for OnePlus 5 fanatics and aficionados. As pre-orders for the said flagship smartphone has started recently, OnePlus claims that the device is now their fastest-selling smartphone on their product line. However, there are reports saying that the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer laughs at the iPhone design even after they deliberately copied it to their own handset.

OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that is creating some popularity in the market. Founded in 2013, it is now one of the emerging company in the consumer electronics industry and has started establishing a name. Their OnePlus smartphone product line is what makes the company abreast with other top mobile phone companies.

OnePlus packed their smartphone products with remarkable specs and features just like other high-end handsets like the iPhone and the Galaxy S phones. But the best thing about the OnePlus devices is its cheap price compared to other mobile phones. Just recently, the Chinese smartphone maker has launched their latest OnePlus handset, the OnePlus 5, and as expected it carries another powerful attribute.

OnePlus now claims that OnePlus 5 is the company's fastest-selling smartphone they have ever created according to Android Authority. In a short amount of time that the said device went sale at a pop-up store and online, the Chinese tech company already calls an "early drop" on it, which means that the device is receiving high demand and orders.

The claim was announced by one of the OnePlus founders but he never mentioned the exact units sold or the total sale on the first day. Even though OnePlus 5 is the most expensive handset that the company has produced, it appears that consumers are not discouraged to buy the product. It is still the most powerful and affordable smartphone in the market unlike the Galaxy S8, iPhone handsets and others.

On the other hand, reports are spreading that the OnePlus company laughs at the iPhone designs. According to BGR, the Chinese smartphone company reportedly mocked the iPhone design even after they obviously copied it on the OnePlus 5. Many are also saying that the latest OnePlus smartphone is an iPhone clone made in China.

OnePlus even earlier stated that they will stay away from replicating the Apple's iPhone design but the OnePlus 5 design shows otherwise. Still, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer get a away of producing a high-end device while making fun of the device it imitated.

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