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OnePlus 5 Owners Will Receive The EIS For The 4K Video Recording Through A Software Update

Jun 28, 2017 01:07 PM EDT

The photographer holds the new OnePlus 5 smartphone at a OnePlus pop-up store at the Bikini Berlin shopping mall on June 21, 2017 in Berlin, Germany
(Photo : Sean Gallup/Getty Images) The photographer holds the new OnePlus 5 smartphone at a OnePlus pop-up store at the Bikini Berlin shopping mall on June 21, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus is launching the OnePlus 5 today in Europe at pop-up stores in Berlin, Amsterdam and London.

OnePlus will release an important software update to address the EIS or the Electronic Image Stabilization for the OnePlus 5. The handset's users are facing problems while recording 4K videos.

According to Android Headlines, the camera of the recently launched OnePlus 5 lacks the EIS or the Electronic Image Stabilization feature. Recently the Chinese company OnePlus hosted an Ask Me Anything session to note various queries of the fans. Interestingly, a major portion of the queries mainly related to the new handset OnePlus 5, even a fan asked about the lack of EIS.

The co-founder of the OnePlus company, Carl Pei, stated that the team was not able to implement the EIS for OnePlus 5 before its launch. The team mainly focused on the stabilization for the front camera and the 1080p video recording. Though, Carl Pei has affirmed that consumers will receive the EIS necessary for recording 4K video in future through the software update.

It is not yet clear when the software update will arrive. Though, it is expected that the software update will be delivered soon. The OnePlus company will also address the Wi-Fi issue that has been creating problems for few OnePlus 5 handsets. Many users reported that the new smartphone could not connect to the internet even when the handset showed that the Wi-Fi is active.

The Chinese company plans to address both the camera problem and Wi-Fi issue of OnePlus 5 through an update. One essential fact is the OnePlus company has already rolled out an update to deliver some stability improvements and to settle some connectivity problems. However, the update couldn't address the said issues.

According to Phone Arena, OnePlus has responded to its fans and unveiled some important information regarding the microSD card slot. The company will not go for any microSD card slot for its future smartphones. The Chinese company believes that onboard storage delivers better and faster experience. The OnePlus 5 smartphone with 6GB RAM has an internal storage of 64GB.

The OnePlus company also confirmed that it would not produce any tablet. Tech users can avail the latest smartphone of the company, OnePlus 5, now. The cost price of the base model in the U.S. is $479, and the premium version is available with a price tag of $539.

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