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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 August Launch CONFIRMED By Samsung CEO

Jul 17, 2017 04:55 PM EDT


Samsung is reportedly planning to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 ahead of IFA 2017 trade fair, which is set to kick off on Sept. 1. Previous rumors claimed that the flagship phablet will be announced on Aug. 23, but the phone won't be available on the market until September at the earliest. Samsung CEO has confirmed the late August reveal of the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung's CEO DJ Koh told Taiwanese media that Samsung has plans to launch the Galaxy Note 8 in late August that is coming in line with previous reports. Expanding on that statement, Koh has also mentioned that while the reveal of the Galaxy Note 8 would be at the end of August, the "first wave" of devices that are releasing for sale to consumers will start in September.

Koh went on to say that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launched on the market in two phases starting in September. The first countries to grab the latest phablet are United States, UK, and South Korea. The rest of the world will be able to get their hands on Galaxy Note 8 in October, as reported by Phone Arena.

Samsung wishes to make its Galaxy Note series flagship available on the market ahead of iPhone 8 to avoid the clash with Apple's iconic product. Apart from Samsung other brands like Google, Huawei Lenovo, LG, and Sony are expected to announce new flagships at IFA 2017 or slightly later, as reported by GSM Arena.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release has a lot of importance for the company as they hope to rectify the mistakes that took place with its predecessor, Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has reportedly put in place a series of new tests and safety measures focused completely on the battery of the smartphone, to make sure that the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco does not take place again.

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