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[DEAL ALERT] Samsung Galaxy S8 'Buy One & Get One Free' Deal Is Here

Jul 18, 2017 06:50 AM EDT


Samsung is offering the Buy One-Get One deal on the latest Galaxy S8 flagship. The Korean tech giant is playing the BOGO game once more. Back in May the company's very own Buy One, Get One free deal for its flagship smartphone duo, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ existed for some time. And now the deal is back, but with some modifications.

This time around the buyer needs to trade-in an eligible smartphone in order to receive the second Galaxy S8 handset for free. The list of such eligible handsets isn't very big, however! The user can send Samsung a Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, Galaxy S7, S7 edge, an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 7, or 7 Plus.

This latest deal asks that buyer will get one Galaxy S8 or S8+ at full retail and then he can pick the second one for free as long as the only condition is he/she trade-in specific smartphones. So there is a bit of work and the buyers do need a trade-in, but it's still a BOGO and the discount is applied immediately, as reported by Droid-Life.

Moreover, the phone that user sends in, which he/she will get 15 days to do after the Galaxy S8 purchase, has to be in good working order, with normal wear and tear, without a cracked screen, and can't be blacklisted. The sent device also has to be factory reset and with no software locks like Anti-theft, as reported by GSM Arena.

The numbers of noteworthy Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ deals have already been seen this year is pretty remarkable. From $100 and $200 discounts on trade-in offers that gave buyers cash for any working smartphone, actually, buyers had plenty of reasons to get in on the S8 action. 

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