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AMD Ryzen 7 Processors : Tips & Tricks For The PC's Maximum Performance

Jul 24, 2017 04:40 AM EDT

The AMD Ryzen 7 Chip
(Photo : Hardware Canucks/youtube) Positive feedback are the results of what the AMD Killer capabiities of the AMD Ryzen 7 micro processor.

The Information Technology environment is a continuous challenge that IT developers and computer technology have to come up with. The AMD Ryzen microprocessors have just that killer capabilities to cater the needs of every computer engagement that presents on the job.

AMD Ryzen chips have superior performance features but there is more to it than its properties. A little alteration on this 8-core, 16 thread micro wonder will speed up things a bit.

Here are seven tips to do just that.

Motherboard Compatibility Selection for the AMD Ryzen

Preparing a blueprint for the computer set up is the first step for an upbeat PC machinery. A plan has to be in place and the engine is essential for a well-oiled equipment to deliver optimum performance. The motherboard of choice for the AMD Ryzen is imperative for the assembly. The chip's motherboard preferences could be checked at the Ryzen Guide to motherboards.

Regular BIOS Update

Motherboard manufacturers advise computer enthusiasts to update their BIOS regularly as is the case with the AMD Ryzen processors. BIOS revisions enhance operating performance in terms of speed, stability, and other additional features for the computer setup.

RAM Speed Setting

Ram speed could be increased by tweaking adjustments also found in the BIOS. Exploring the RAM elevation speed will do wonders for the computer operation. Higher memories mean improved AMD Ryzen performance, according to Legit Reviews.

Overclocking of Ryzen processors

Setting the CPU at speeds of their specified values is just fine with the AMD Ryzen processors. Overclocking can be set at 3.8 GHz to 4.0 GHz. This step will speed up the CPU operation.

Clean-Install Windows

AMD told PC world to use the clean version of windows when building up a computer as it speeds up things specifically with the Ryzen chip. A version copied from an intel based machine, for example, will slow than the Ryzen system.

Change the Windows Power Default Plan

This step increases computer speed by 5 percent. Change the default setup to AMD Ryzen's specialized Balance Plan. This April 2017 update will enhance the speed of the computer. The Windows default power system slows down Ryzen's capability by taking control of the AMD Ryzen capabilities. Switching it Ryzen's Power control activates the sleeping cores and turns over the power management to the AMD processor.

DIsabling the Windows High Precision Event Timer (HPET)

Disabling this OS feature at the BIOS could improve computer performance from five to eight percent. AMD does not recommend turning off multithreading operation done simultaneously. It is one of Ryzen's cool features, It allows the system to use 16 threads than leaving all the work to the eight physical cores by themselves, reports PC World.

Be on the alert for any BIOS update for the computer's enhancements. There are more coming from AMD Ryzen microprocessors.

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