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Shanghai Witnessed The Record High Temperature On Friday As Heat Wave Engulfs China

Jul 23, 2017 09:43 PM EDT

Hottest day ever in Shanghai as heat wave bakes China
(Photo : Open Access / You Tube) Hottest day ever in Shanghai as heat wave bakes China.

A strong heat wave has engulfed China and temperature in Shanghai reached 40.9 degrees centigrade on Friday. Authorities have already issued weather "red alert" due to this high temperature.

The number of patients suffering from illness due to this high temperature is increasing in the city hospitals, state media reported. According to, authorities in the Shanghai zoo have already placed huge blocks of ice into the enclosure of some animals. The ice blocks will help the animals to beat the high temperature, and the authorities have provided frozen apples to the pandas.

Shanghai is the most populous city in China. For the last two weeks, the city is experiencing the constantly increasing temperature of summer, but Friday afternoon witnessed the highest point of sweltering heat. Apart from Shanghai, other parts of China have also faced the record heat wave in the recent weeks.

The majority of China has also been witnessing the sweltering heat in the last few weeks. On the other hand, the south-central part of China has undergone raging floods due to the torrential rain. This year it is the first time the authorities issued "red alert" in Shanghai when the excess temperature ultimately reached 40 degrees. 

A few days ago Shanghaiist reported the probability about the current record high temperature in Shanghai. The report indicated the advent of the current year's hottest week even it assumed that this weather condition would bring both rain and shine. Previously, it seemed that the meteorologists of the city were exaggerating the fact, though current weather report suggests that their forecasts are accurate.

Citizens in Shanghai are advised to stay indoors as much they can to avoid the extreme outside temperature. Especially the elderly persons, children, and the sick people need to avoid spending too much time outdoors. The authorities are put on high alert against any unwanted breaking out of the fire.

The authorities have advised taking extra care with the perishable foods to avert the spoilage and the spread of bacteria. Shanghai endured a record high 40.8 degrees temperature in 2013. Notably, the city witnessed eight of the twelve record high temperatures in the last five years, the city weather bureau stated.

It was  reported on Friday how the extreme heat has triggered traffic accidents and fights in Shanghai and become responsible for the accidental injuries. The city people are losing their temperament and gets easily irritated due to the excessive temperature. Due to hot weather condition, they even fail to judge properly.

The city is also witnessing the increasing number dog bites with the rise of the temperature. The weather bureau in Shanghai has stated on Thursday that the strong subtropical hot and high southwesterly winds are responsible for this heat wave. It has also reported that this sweltering high temperature will continue till the early August. Beginning of August means the beginning of the typhoon season and the onset of the weather change.

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