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‘Secret Garden’ Unveils Captivating Beauty: The Wild Meadow Near Lake Tahoe Opens After Century

Jul 29, 2017 06:53 AM EDT

Campaign to conserve lower Carpenter Valley, California
(Photo : Elliott Wright / You Tube) Campaign to conserve lower Carpenter Valley, California.

Beautiful garden hidden from the public eye for a century now opens for the visitors. 'Secret garden' located near Lake Tahoe in California unveils the blooming yellow and pink wildflowers.

A wild meadow covered with a luxuriant bed of grass uncovers the captivating beauty of the blooming flowers. Tall trees and the snow-capped mountains have surrounded this 'secret garden' and kept it untouched for a long time. Currently, its mesmerizing beauty is beckoning the visitors to cherish and share the beauty of the wildflowers of the place.

The famous Lower Carpenter Valley, close to Lake Tahoe, is the destination for threatened birds, and rare plants. Conservation groups purchased this land that now serves as the migration corridor for many important species, according to the U.S News. The wild meadow cherishes the gurgle of a near creek and the bird songs. The development director of the Truckee Donner Land Trust, Kathy Englar, says that the place is truly a 'secret garden'.

The deep bog of the valley floor becomes spongy when visitors entered this Lower Carpenter Valley. The famous Lake Tahoe region is very popular and attracts many people to perform ski, hike and to make camp. But the piece of land near the Lake Tahoe was left undisturbed for over hundred years. The 'secret garden' left untouched for a long time.

According to Kolo 8 News Now, the Lower Carpenter Valley left undisturbed for decades and got the time to flourish. The valley consists of a forest on the both sides, and a beautiful meadow in the middle. This valley has a unique ecosystem. The 'secret garden' has offered the space to flourish the plant and the animal life.

The valley has dense woody and leafy area and the best place to flourish the wildlife. Wildflowers cover the whole 1300-acre area during the summer time. Willow forest of the valley provides homes to the rare birds, and Endangered Lahontan Cutthrout trout must be visible in the creek. In a word, 'secret garden' is a suitable place for the wildlife.

 The Nature Conservancy and the Truckee Donner Land Trust bought 2 square miles area from the owners at a cost price of $10.3 million. The Nature Conservancy, and the Trust both worked as part of The Northern Sierra Partnership, and bought it from the owners, the Carpenter family. The partnership purchased 600 acres area in the mid-July, but initially, the guided visitors will enter the territory only. That means guided visitors will cherish the beauty of the 'secret garden'.

The area includes the two-thirds portion of the huge meadow. Half of the property that is 637 acres, acquired last year, is currently open for mountain biking and hiking. Crabtree Canyon is the name of this 637 acres area, and the partners must buy the last 80 acres parcel as per the contract. Now, the 'secret garden' with delicate wetlands is the homes of the carnivorous plants, the native sundew.

This rare kind of sundew attracts insects that ultimately shelter on the sticky residue of these plants' leaves. Motorized vehicles, dogs, and horses are not allowed to enter the valley, and seasonal caretakers are the protectors of the wildlife of this place. The said partners expect that public access in the area will by mountain bike or foot be possible in 2019. During this period they will build viewpoints, restroom, trails and the parking area for the visitors to cherish the beauty of the 'secret garden'.

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