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Circuit Map Of The Brain: A great breakthrough To Know How Brain Learns And Stores New Things

Aug 10, 2017 05:29 PM EDT

How Does the Brain Work? - Human Cognition | PSYCHOLOGY & BRAIN SCIENCE
(Photo : Bright Enlightenment / You Tube) How Does the Brain Work? - Human Cognition | PSYCHOLOGY & BRAIN SCIENCE. The Brain's Inner Workings - HUMAN COGNITION - National Institutes of Health

A recently developed brain's circuit map explores a new dimension to know many important things about brain's activity. This development is no doubt a major scientific breakthrough.

The neurobiologists reconstructed the nerve cells with the 3D electron microscopy. This high-resolution microscopy even helped to reconstruct the individual connections of these cells via synapses. The neurobiologists brought this development with the Janelia Research Campus of the famous Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Virginia. This circuit map will play a significant role in the future research to know how the brain learns and stores new things.

The results of this research work related to the circuit map of the brain were published in the popular journal Nature. Katharina Eichler recorded nearly 400 cells manually. She photographed the larval brain microscopically to reconstruct almost one hundred thousand synapses. The aim of the whole research work was to build a wiring diagram of the Drosophila larvae's brain.

Dr. Albert Cardona at the Janelia Research Campus led this international project where researchers from the famous University of Konstanz contributed significantly. Researchers in twenty labs across the world are helping together to reconstruct ten thousand nerve cells. Researchers at the Konstanz already reconstructed around 8000 cells of the brain structure, according to Science Daily. In a word, the project about the circuit map of the brain has already gained a huge momentum.

The complete mapping of all the connections in the said insect brain will be completed in the coming two or three years. According to Andreas Thum, the mushroom body of the brain is the memory center that collects the sensory information and creates the memory. The researchers not only reconstructed brain's essential component but also beautifully documented a pattern that revealed the existing circuit connection among the individual cells. The new circuit map is very helpful for the additional projects.

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