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A Gorilla Succumbed To Ovarian Cancer At The Topeka Zoo

Aug 22, 2017 12:20 PM EDT

Tiffany the Gorilla is Creative - Topeka Zoo
(Photo : Topeka Zoo / You Tube) Tiffany the Gorilla is Creative - Topeka Zoo. Our ape keepers placed some food a little higher to see how Tiffany would reach it. It turns out she's pretty smart, and of course cute!

A lowland gorilla died on Sunday at the famous Topeka Zoo located in Kansas. Tests result revealed that the gorilla was suffering from ovarian cancer.

Tiffany, a lowland gorilla of 49 years old, had a surgery on Wednesday for her constipation. Sadly only after four days, she succumbed to late-stage cancer. The zoo stated that no improvement was visible in the lowland gorilla after her surgery on Wednesday.

The surgery was done to clear her stool from the colon. A scanning revealed on Sunday that Tifanny had two abdominal masses that were actually identified as the tumors, ABC News reported. Both the tumors linked to the stage-four ovarian cancer of the lowland gorilla. According to the zoo, during the surgery, it became clear that ovarian cancer already "metastasized to the abdominal wall".

After revealing the said fact the veterinarians and the surgeons halted the procedure and decided not to awake Tiffany after the surgery. Just after a short while, the gorilla breathed her last. According to the zoo, the team that cared Tiffany surrounded her at that time.

The director of the zoo, Brendan Wiley, opined significantly about the ovarian cancer of the gorilla. The director said that no proper way was visible in treating cancer by administering chemotherapy even if they could remove the affected cancer cells. It was 1968 when the gorilla was born at the famous Kansas City Zoo.

Tiffany spent the majority of her life at the famous Topeka Zoo. It was only in the 1980s when she spent four years at the famous Buffalo Zoo located in the New York. Tiffany was paired with Max, another gorilla, during her youth, The Topeka Capital-Journal reported. Later Max was shifted to another zoo.

The community still remembers this pair. Many people shared their condolences on the Facebook. This lowland gorilla loved to watch and interact with the kids. She even loved board books and stuffed animals.

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