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Brazil’s Environmental Policy Under The current President Michel Temer Creates Concern Among The Environmental Scientists

Sep 04, 2017 06:02 AM EDT

Experts concerned by Brazil environment policy under Temer
(Photo : News 24h On The World/You Tube) Experts concerned by Brazil environment policy under Temer.

Brazil's environmental policy under President Michel Temer creates concern among the environmental scientists. The concern relates to a decree issued by the President regarding the commercial mining in Amazon.

According to Phys.org, executive director of the known Society for Ecological Restoration, Bethanie Walder, many people in Brazil have a concern about the environmental policy. The key point of the concern includes the roll-back of the land protections and the environmental protections mainly across the Amazonia. The warning surfaced after a huge number of environmental scientists from sixty-five countries attended the international congress of the Society for Ecological Restoration.

It was the seventh international congress that took place in southern Brazil's Foz de Iguazu. President Temer issued a decree for the commercial mining in the vast area of Amazon that is famous for its natural reserve. Notably, a Brazilian court has suspended that attempt by the Brazilian President, The Guardian reported.

The order of the court came after an outcry from the climate activists and the environmental campaigners. The decree issued by the President of Brazil relates to the abolition of Renca, an important area of 17,760 sq miles. This area is receiving protection since 1984.

The Brazilian Court has hinted that the Brazilian President has surpassed his authority while issuing the decree. Importantly the said meeting in Brazil's Foz de Iguazu also occurred at the same time. Ignoring the outcome of the destruction of the ecosystem, mainly in Amazon must be very dangerous. It is obvious that the deforestation in the Amazon may bring serious consequences.

The final words of the meeting that took place in Brazil include the urge for the immediate ecological restoration. The words have also suggested that restoration is not sufficient to reverse the crisis regarding the global environment. Prevention of the destruction of the ecosystem is also essential to address the issue.

The Society for Ecological Restoration or the SER suggests the necessity of making appropriate legislation to address the issue. It even wants the active role for the indigenous communities to implement the environmental policies. Notably, the President of Brazil withdrew the decree and then reissued it including the clarification. The clarification includes the protections for the indigenous territory and the conservation areas.


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