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Artist and Architects Collaborate on Spectral Bridge House Project

Mar 09, 2019 07:35 AM EST

Artist Sketch of Spectral Bridge House
(Photo : Richelle Concio)

Located in one of Venice's quiet streets is a habitable structure that can only be described as the fusion of landscape, architecture, and light. This three blocks, arranged in a playful layout, and connected by an illuminated bridge is none other than the Spectral Bridge House. 

Artist Johannes Girardoni turned to his passion for architecture as he fabricated the concept for the project. With the expertise of EYRC Architects, Girardoni's concept was made the foundation of the unique house.  Steven Ehrlich, EYRC Architects principal, together with Takashi Tanai, EYRC Architects residential studio, collaborated with Girardoni to finish the blueprints that framed the house. All three, the artist and the architects, worked together on design and construction.

Rotated at an angle of seven degrees, the middle block embodies a sense of motion and embodies a sense of animation to the other two blocks. The ground floor exterior of two of the blocks located on either side has a dark colored wood finish as these are burnt cedar boards. This centuries-old Japanese technique called "shou-sugi-ban" is a process of using fire itself to make the wood resistant to fire, termites, and water. The rest of the block exteriors are steel-troweled stucco with a little touch of blue pigment.

The spectral bridge is a sight to behold especially at night when the sky changes its color, so would the soft glow illuminating the glass-walled bridges. The play of light from white to a variety of hues begins an hour before the sun rises. The lively bridge connects to the children's bedroom in the front, and to the master bedroom in the rear. The sensors responsible for lighting up the bridge also activate unearthly sounds corresponding to the colors, making passing through the bridge a whole new experience.

Girardoni's wife, Harriet Bourne, a designer, and therapist, also played an important role in the completion of the house. Bourne has turned the monochromatic living areas into a sculpture that the occupants would not be able to resist cuddling up in. The designer chose a pair of black sofas designed by the late Zaha Hadid, which featured sharp angles for one sitting area and chose a pair of white fur chairs with steel framing for the other. Both sitting areas were defined by gray rugs that happen to complement the selected furniture.

Girardoni and Yanai both agree on how architects and artists share a common ground and that the Spectral Bridge House is truly the manifestation of their holistic approach to design.

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