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Chic and Trendy Chairs Take Bars and Restaurants by Storm

Mar 10, 2019 08:12 PM EDT

Lucy Stools from Bend (wire chair collection)
(Photo : Giovanni CG)

Bend, a collection of geometric chairs and stools was launched by designer Gaurav Nanda. 2010's iconic mid-century wire furniture by Harry Bertoia became the inspiration for Nanda. The chairs from the Bend collection seem to have taken over trendy bars and restaurants. More and more restaurants in the West Coast are leaning towards the versatile design and array of choices that the collection offers.

Included in the collection are the famous Lucy Chair series, the Ethel Chair series, and the Betty Chair series. There are many others in the collection but the three mentioned are the most popular additions to the stylish places in town. 

The chairs are comfortable as they are functional. Bend chairs are intricately done, both for aesthetics and for utility. To achieve the right amount of rigidity and unique strength, the wires are welded at the right distance from one another.

All stools and chairs in the collection are handcrafted by spot welding and hand shaping or "bending," as the designer refers to the process. While wires are bent to achieve their maximum strength, they are positioned in a way to promote comfort and agility as well. This quality construction makes the timeless furniture last for a very long time.

When it comes to environmental concerns, Nanda made sure that he has it covered. The iron used in his collection is highly recyclable. Their packaging is designed to carry more than one piece of furniture. Aside from a minimized carbon footprint, Bend products all conform to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.

Steel is the underlying material of the wire chairs making it more resilient to bending. After forming and sandblasting to perfection, the pieces of furniture are galvanized applied with Dupont fluorocarbon, making the steel more durable for either indoor or outdoor use.Proper care will make the wire chairs last longer.

As the chairs are made for mild environments, it is not advisable to leave it under precipitation for too long. Moisture should always be wiped off from the chairs after its exposure to harsh weather and the chairs should ideally be kept dry.

Some places that use the Bend series of wire chairs include Bavel in Los Angeles, Launderette in Austin, and Figo in Toronto. The collection features a wide array of colors from basic black ones to metallic copper ones. The wire chairs are sold at about $450 and the stools for $480. A chair padding that fits perfectly is also available on a separate purchase for $70. All variants are available in the Bend website.

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