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Science Experiments For Parents And Kids

Apr 22, 2019 07:52 AM EDT

Science Experiments
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What do you do with your kids? There's no time to get bored or play with those mind-numbing games in the gadget. Here's a list of all the exciting and fun science experiments you can do with your kids. They will love learning even more!

Alphabet Ball
This is a game that grows as your child grows. After you've set up the ball and the alphabet, the game is good to go anytime. You can play it with young children and even with those in their teems. You can ask them for anything that begins with the letter they've picked with the alphabet ball. This activity is educational, but the kids won't be complaining. They're just having too much fun.

Bubble Party
Who can say no to a bubble party? Have it set up in your backyard. Check out bubble recipes online and head out to the outdoors with bubble wands on one hand and your excited heart on the other. You can make bubble wands out of straws, cups and even fly swatters. You may also try more elaborate bubble wands to make those huge bubbles the kids will love.

Cooking Show
This is perhaps the best part of any science experiment because it comes with a taste test. Though you may be doing all the cooking all year round, here's the best time to do this activity with your kids. They'll have fun mixing together the ingredients and making snacks on their own. They can enhance those reading and comprehension skills too when they read through and follow the recipe. Plus, you use math for all the measurement of ingredients.

Dress up
This may seem like it has a little less science, but it does not. The shapes and patterns in those dresses will teach them logic. Allow them to identify the patterns used, the shape as well as the repetition in its overall design. And whoever said dress measurements are not fun clearly hasn't tried getting them and getting them right.

Explore Nature
The best part of a science experiment is the exploration part. It allows the kid's imagination to go wild. They appreciate everything that they discover about the world around them. Go on an adventure expedition in the backyard and take those pet animals with you too. The kids will surely enjoy playing with them and spending a lot of quality time with you.

Science sure lends itself to make any time a wonderful time between parents and their children. All that matters is that everyone is excited to be doing something new to learn something they never knew of before.

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