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Arla Aims to Pasture for a Greener Environment by 2030

Mar 12, 2019 10:30 AM EDT

Arla Foods
(Photo : Arla Foods)
One of the world's largest dairy companies from Copenhagen, Denmark, announced plans to reduce their carbon emissions by 30%. The company stated that other than the environmental benefit, the dairy firm also aims to meet the demands of its consumers to supply more sustainable products.

The food industry is being pressured to lower their emissions, which, automatically includes Arla. It was reported that 18% of greenhouse gases were caused by livestock farming. This ultimately contributes to global warming. 

Peder Tuborgh, Arla chief executive, along with the 10,300 farmers that own Arla, agree that the more consumers are willing to spend more to purchase organic dairy. Consumers made are aware of the expenses incurred in transitioning to sustainable production and that this factor will affect product pricing like any other improvement would. The short-term disadvantage is seen to be outweighed by its long-term effects and benefits.
With this, the company is eyeing sustainable processes and methods of production. This includes the use of renewable energy, lower waste production, and sustainable packaging. The farmers are also being tasked to plant more trees and bushes to improve biodiversity and air quality as the vegetation absorbs more carbon. Dairy Companies tend to produce a substantial amount of carbon dioxide emission.

There is currently 1.15 kilograms of carbon dioxide being emitted for every one-liter production of Arla's milk. The company aims to cut this by 30% come 2030 and to eliminate the emission entirely by the year 2050. Another problem that dairy companies face when striving for greener production is the natural process for producing milk, where the cows produce methane as they digest. The company is mulling over ideas on how to improve their cows' feed quality. Dairy products have also relied on plastic for its packaging for a very long time. Arla aims to come up with more sustainable but equally effective packaging, all the while not sacrificing the quality of their products.

The United Nations voiced out the need for people to make urgent changes in their lifestyle to give time for the suffocating environment to recover as soon as possible. Simple ways to do so, as mentioned by the UN, including conserving the energy used to prepare and consume food, citing for people to cut back on dairy and meat. They also called out the way people have been traveling, encouraging more individuals to patronize electric vehicles or use public transport.

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