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NASA Caught A Snap of The Sunset in Mars

Mar 15, 2019 08:00 AM EDT

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Nothing is more spectacular than ending the day by watching the sunset over the vast blue ocean waters. It is one of the most successful pleasures in life. But, imagine watching a sunset over the vast, seemingly endless desert in the Red Planet. It's just as beautiful.

NASA's Insight lander has brought Earth another amazing gift. It was planted in the flat, smooth plain part of Mars. The image came through on March 10, on the robot's one hundred and first day at his work on the Martian Surface. The lander comes with an Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC) where it can take a sequence of beautiful images to help the scientists on Earth to understand more about the Red Planet.

In its most recent update, it shows a splendorous sunset in Mars. The light disappearing beyond the horizon was just magical. Although this is not the first time that scientists have seen the sunset on another planet, it is still considered a success as it also means that the lander continues to survive for its mission in Mars.

Largely due to the efforts of the various Martian rovers including "Opportunity", the recently departed rover in Mars, people on Earth are able to witness the yellow orb sink into oblivion. Back in 2015, a space rover was able to send images of a rather hazy sunset. The history goes even way back from 2005 when "Spirit" was able to witness a sunset in Gusev Crater.

Sunsets in Mars are often characterized by its pale blue color. This is due to the heavy dust in the Martian atmosphere. Also, studies about Mars show that the planet has an extra-long twilight period, compared to our home planet, Earth. They concluded this because of the dust scatters the light in the Red Planet.

There is no doubt that the sunset in Mars is one wonderous one. It is a rather impressive one and one could only imagine how much more beautiful it would have been if people were out there to witness it for themselves.

What is even more amazing is the fact that this InSight lander rocks at its job at providing more information about Mars than people will ever thought of. It pushed the studies on space on a new level. Every image it sends back allows scientists and researchers to learn more about Mars that could help them discover possible life that may be out there.

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