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Mars Water System Hints of Alien Life

Mar 18, 2019 08:18 AM EDT

Life in Mars
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MARS -- An ancient system of what was believed to be that of lakes has been recently identified. It was found underneath the surface of the Red Planet. In its discovery, scientists hints on the possibility of the presence of life have survived there, in the past.

While it is desolate and dry today, there are several evidences that show that it used to be covered with a huge body of water below the ground. The information came from what was gathered by the European Space Agency. The Mars express mission has truly provided scientists and researchers with new findings about the Red Planet and how somehow, lives have survived in it in the past.

The understanding of the type of water and when it survived in Mars is important in the discovery of what is believed to be alien life that existed in the planet.

"Finding about Mars are hugely important for it helps scientists find and identify the various regions of the Red Planet where life could have survived in the past," said  Dmitri Titov, the project scientist for Mars Express.

Last year, the team was able to identify a vast lake of water that's hidden at the Southernmost pole of the planet. However, for most of Mars, the wet days are barely just a memory.

Mars used to be considered a watery world, but the changes in the climate have had the water retreated below the surface. "Instead, it formed pools of groundwater," said the lead researcher Dr. Francesco Salese of Utrecht University.

"We were able to trace this water in the study we conducted. Its role in the survival of life on Mars is crucial though it remains to be a matter to be debated about. We have just found the first geological evidence in the planet. It has its own groundwater system."

The scientists have gathered their data based on what the cameras on the craft orbiting the planets. They were able to explore at least 24 craters in Mars stretching about a thousand meters on the surface.

They have found several features on the surface that showed water flowing from the craters. This is an indication that there is an interconnected system of various bodies of water that have dried up. The water found underground also fit the theory that Mars used to be covered with ocean water about four billion years ago.

Apart from the obvious shape of the craters, scientists also looked into the minerals found within them. It provided them with a promising discovery of what the planet used to be.

Silicates, carbonates, and clays all reveal that there once was an emergence of life. Next year, the ESA along with the Russian Space Agency will launch their ExoMars rover, to explore more of the alien life out there.

This study promises to bring in more knowledge about the Red Planet and everything that has to be known about it.

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