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Killer Events In Space Threatens Human Life

Mar 19, 2019 09:33 AM EDT

Life on Earth
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Is it possible for an event to wipe out all life on Earth? Although we have seen it too many times in the most popular of movies in Hollywood, people often dismiss it as something that could happen in real life. They think that nothing that big could ever kill anyone or everyone on earth.

However, little do people know that there could be five major events on Earth that could cause extinction. Since the Cambrian explosion eradicate almost 60% of terrestrial species. But scientists have found that there are five possible scenarios from space that could wipe out the whole of humanity.

How could life on Earth come to an end? Here is what scientists have found out:

  • Asteroid Strike -- sixty five million years ago, a giant impact due to an asteroid hit paved the way for extinction of life on Earth. The comet named Swift-Tuttle was last seen in an autograph as it passed through the Solar System in 1992. The impact of gravity from the other planets has dramatically changed the movement of the asteroid in the orbit. Sadly, such change has made the asteroid a potential threat to put an end to life on Earth in the year 4479. It has been recorded as the single, most dangerous to the life of humanity on Earth by the NASA.

  • Gamma Ray Burst -- the brightest among the electromagnetic events in the galaxy proves a one in a million risk. One of the perceived gamma ray burst in outer space only has one identified cause -- the neuron stars are merging. If one of the jets from this so-called merger is pointed at Earth, it could readily come in a destroy the ozone layer. It could only lead to one thing -- the demise of the entire humanity.

  • Random encounter with the black hole -- the galaxy is filled with stars, planets and other stellar remnants of what once was. The Solar System has got 4.5 billion years behind it and the odds are that it is moving closer towards to Sun. Scientists say that the odds of the planet getting closer to the Sun could only mean one thing -- total destruction. But if happened to Earth, the entire species living in it would freeze to death and all of what was known to human life would be gone as if it went into a black hole.

Nobody knows which of these could be the cause of death of all of us. But scientist speak of it not as a warning, but as a form of gratitude. Their aim is for people to recognize that life is what they make of it. And death will come, today or tomorrow, but it will come, even to the best of us.

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