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Floating Wind Turbines To Save The Earth

Mar 19, 2019 08:51 AM EDT

Floating Wind Turbines
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It can be quite hard to keep up with technology and how it has kept everyone's lives easy. The continuous development of wind turbines, one better than the last, has indeed changed the way electricity is collected on the coast of the United Kingdom. From the turbines that were build standing in shallow seas, people will see that they will cover hundreds of square miles off the coast of UK providing at least a third of all of UK's electricity needs.

And then, researchers are also looking at the floating turbines. It took quite a while for Aberdeen to create the first ever floating turbine. Fifteen years have been spent in extensive research to make it happen. The best part of it all is that the wind turbines were able to exceed the expected output of the people behind it.

A Norwegian State Oil Company said that it has appointed Equinor to create a much "greener" image for the company. Their extensive study has them realize that they could build floating wind power to more than half of the North Sea. The electricity produced from these turbines are anchored in the deep water for stability. What is collected could be used as the European Union's electricity at least four times over what they require.

The cost of these wind turbines are not easy to cover. They don't come cheap. But their designs through time have become bigger and better. Each machine is able to produce thirty times the electricity than what is expected of it through research. Perhaps the greatest boost to those who hope to lessen the burden of killing the environment is that the cost of such turbine technology has become less as more companies are looking at developing their own design.

Many maritime states including power countries like Japan and the US are looking at the possibility of using floating turbine technology to lessen their use of non-renewable energy. No one is worried about the wind ceasing to blow because it looks like it wouldn't. Rather, research studies are looking into other possible means of storing the energy in batteries and these studies are moving forward too.

Indeed, the advancements are technology has made a lot of things possible. Some of it has equipped people with more ways to use up the natural resources of the world. And then there are those that push people to discover more ways to keep living comfortable lives while saving the world in the process.

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