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SpaceX Megarocket To Fly Commercial in April

Mar 19, 2019 08:52 AM EDT

SpaceX Falcon Heavy
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Falcon Heavy, SpaceX is looking at launching its first commercial flight in a mission early next month. According to media reports released this week, the agency is targeting the date April 7 for its launch.

The Arabsat 6A is a communications satellite will be launched from its historic pad 39A at the NASA Space Center in Florida. The CNBC reported it on Friday, March 15, 2019, citing anonymous sources from NASA. SpaceX has yet to make an official statement about the possible launch of the mission for their Falcon Heavy.

Lockheed Martin, the man behind the design and building of the Arabsat 6A said that A Saudi Arabian company will be operating the 13,200 pound spacecraft. The Falcon Heavy is known as the most powerful rocket available in the market today. It is highly reusable making it one of the viable spacecrafts to use for the mission. It has been used once on a test mission that was conducted on February of 2018.

The rocket brought Elon Musk, the SpaceX founder and CEO, into an orbit around the sun. The Falcon Heavy design is based a two-stage spacecraft design such as the Falcon 9 rocket. This rocket has particularly launched dozens of launches and first-stage landings over the past years since it was built.

During its February 18 test flight, two of the three-stage boosters have aced their landings. In fact, the central core came too close, narrowly missing the target drone ship off the coast of Florida traversing the Atlantic Ocean.

This upcoming launch in the next month aims at putting more value to the space crafts built for the future. The design of each one is specific for their purpose. Every spacecraft is imagined to help people get a glimpse of what is out in space to better appreciate what we have here on earth.

The launch of the SpaceX would bring about new technology to the next level. Not only will it help scientists and researchers discover more about the world out there, but it will allow them to construct something that will become more useful for the world.

Its launch next month may seem a bit too soon to others, but it is something that has been greatly planned ahead. The goal is to not make it successful but to hope that it will bring about more knowledge than people ever imagined.

Falcon Heavy will make history in its first commercial launch and hopefully, it will be able to take space study to a whole new level.

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