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NASA Captures Nebraska Flooding

Mar 21, 2019 08:27 AM EDT

Nebraska Flooding
(Photo : NASA)

NEBRASKA -- USA, NASA satellites have been put up in the sky to help scientists observe the various events that happen in the Earth's Atmosphere. Yet little do people know that these satellites spend most of their lives observing the atmosphere, but they also have several cameras pointed back on Earth.

NASA is able to keep track of a lot of things that are happening on this planet. They are able to keep records of the various weather systems alongside the natural disasters that seem to set a new record every time. The flooding in Nebraska has indeed devastated a huge number of communities and it is one that NASA considered as one for the books.

In the new images that were released by the agency, the Landsat 8 satellite of NASA showed how the flooding has changed the landscape of Nebraska dramatically. The floodwaters did not only spill into the lakes and created its own new lakes but it has also spilled into the areas where the communities are set-up. They even released a before an after photo of Nebraska and it showed a huge difference. The pictures were taken a year apart.

The flooding has pushed the government to call for an immediate evacuation across all the affected areas. The primary community affected by the flooding are those that have been set-up near the shoreline. Those that live along the river system of Elkhorn and Missouri had to be moved to a safer area.

NASA explains that a huge variety of things contributed to such record-breaking flooding that caused the increase in the water levels in the river.

"A confluence of rare circumstances has produced such devastating flooding," NASA writes in their recent blog post. "The extremely low temperatures during winter has set that stage for something worse when the temperature increases. The thick layer of ice that has formed on the waterways has made the ground permeable. An intense storm brought a heavy downpour, it rapidly melted the snow and caused a huge runoff on the community."

The conditions of the communities in Nebraska and perhaps in the other areas of the world affected by an even stronger storm surge should serve as a reminder to people. The world is constantly changing because of the things they do to harm it. The sad reality is that everyone suffers one step at a time.

It may seem as if the concern at the moment does not involve the others, but there will come a time that it eventually will. How ready is the world for that?

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