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US Judge Orders To Stop Drilling

Mar 22, 2019 07:35 AM EDT

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The Trump Administration has desired to make a mark in the world and one of its first steps is to promote the idea of "energy first." However, a US judge has expressed his concern on this and tried his hand on stopping several drilling projects that seemed to have failed in putting into account the existing effects of climate change.

More than 300,000 acres of land in Wyoming that belong to the public has become the subject of drilling and such activities have been put on hold when the Judge ruled that the Trump Administration has violated the laws on environmental safety and protection. The report says that the drilling project has overlooked the possibility of a leak of greenhouse gases. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the branch of government that takes care of the public lands and issues the leases to the industry of energy, has been ordered to reconsider their analysis.

The decision made was a response to the lawsuit that has been filed in court. Physicians for Social Responsibility, The Western Environmental Law Center and the WildEarth Guardians have filed a suit against BLM in 2016 for failing to consider in their calculations the amount of greenhouse gas and its emission from future gas and oil projects.

According to Rudolph Contreras, US District judge in Washington, "The Agency did not quantify in their report and recommendation the impact of gas and oil leasing to the already existing problem on climate change. He wrote this on his ruling that was released on Tuesday. He further stated that, "The agency must in all times consider the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) that have been generated from present and future BLM leases across the country.

The decision of the Judge was the first of its kind. It is significant in its desire to check on the administration's orders of "energy first." Such agenda has paved the way for more public lands to be opened to drilling and mining. And although the goal of the agenda may be positive at the end of the tunnel, getting there isn't as good as it seems.

Environment advocates have been expressing their sentiments and are very happy about the decision of the court. They refer to it as the "Triumph for the Climate." They further expressed that they believe that the ruling says a lot about the entire oil and gas drilling programs. They say that it is off the rails and the law system sees it as just that.

With Science on their side, people continue to fight for a better, cleaner world for the health of the old and new generations. Every acre of land that is put on a drilling spree could mean huge loses to the government and the communities in the long run.

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