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The New KODA Light Float is a Mediterranean-Kissed Dream House

Apr 09, 2019 10:18 PM EDT

KODA Light Float by Kodasema
(Photo : Peace Love and Om)
(screenshot from video "Schwimmendes Minihaus in Estland - das KODA Haus"

Designer Kodasema has been designing KODA houses for the past few years. in 2017, KODA Concrete took over the market. KODA houses are attractive tiny houses that are movable and prefabricated.

Recently, Kodasema has unveiled a new design called KODA Light Float. From its name, the new version of Kodasema's namesake structure is light and it floats. The Light Float model uses wood instead of concrete. It is also installed on a pontoon.

The light-weight dwelling weighs only around 10 tons. The previous KODA model is 29.8 tons a unit. With the exterior measuring about 23.7 feet in length, 12.9 feet in width, and 13.1 feet in height, KODA Light Float can accommodate an open-space living room, a shower room with toilet, full-size sleeping area, kitchen, and a terrace.

KODA Light Float also came with a 3.3 cubic meter tank for water supply so homeowners wouldn't have to worry about using lake water or unclean water from surroundings.

The cozy unit is designed in a way that the occupant would not feel too confined. The 10.9-foot high ceiling gives a sense of spaciousness. Natural light is invited in by the generous three-ply tempered glazing on the front elevation of the structure.

Exterior finishes are even customizable to what is suitable to the location. The exterior walls can either be timber or plywood. The terrace could be spruce or larch. Lastly, owners can decide whether the borders be pine or glass.

Utilities like electric floor heating, water, sewage, and electrical connection are all incorporated in the design. The KODA Light Float is not an off-grid dwelling. However, Kodasema can get owners in contact with solar panel contractors as the need arises.

As an added bonus, a ladder attached to the exterior can be used to access the roof, making a night under the stars or a simple sunbathing session possible anytime.

This new model of the KODA house can be installed on different sites such as a yacht harbor, a private lake, or even on an urban canal. No matter, where the KODA Light Float is located, owners are sure to appreciate the feeling of living in a Mediterranean villa atmosphere.

KODA Light Float is a versatile design as the unit can be used not only as a dwelling unit, but also a harbor café, or an artist studio. If the owner goes through a change of mind, the KODA Light Float could be taken off the pontoons and then installed on land.

 Other models of the KODA house are KODA Concrete and KODA Light Extended.

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