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The Economy of Design Is The Key To Surviving Climate Change

Apr 13, 2019 02:48 PM EDT

Design For Change
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There is nothing more important in today's world than the knowledge of how to sustain life, with the advent of climate change. How does one make the Earth a little bit more habitable? The losses in biodiversity, greenhouse gases, and other environmental problems demand a huge change in how people live their lives. The choices that they make affect the ecological balance in the world.

And yet despite great efforts in both social and technological change, environmental problems seem to accelerate faster than usual. Sustainability solutions can't seem to catch up. What is often overlooked in the fact that the choices that people make are dependent on the overall design of the products available in the market. Although these signages and food packs don't seem to be too important, they make a sway possible.

The design industry is one of the aspects of business that is currently mobilizing to help in environmental imperatives. While a number of designers are working towards sustainability in various angles, the problem on climate change requires much more transformations. It needs dramatic economic ideas, structures, and systems to be in place to enable a sustainable design.

Simply put, designers can not design for sustainability if they don't make a shift in their economic priorities. Designers are the ones responsible for making new services, products and spaces that will make people choose. If they choose to help save the environment, they must always think of sustainability when it comes to creating design.

However, what business owners truly worry about is that the designs that represent their company should not only be catchy, but it brings a transformational attitude that will make potential clients choose them over anything else. The value of design rests at the intersection were economical values as well as social values meet. The design puts value in new ways to live life that's why it is able to build certain types of social values important to people.

Addressing the problem wouldn't be a walk in the park. It has become evident that in order to push people to give up their plastic containers to more sustainable ones, the design of these items should be desirable. To help preserve the planet and make it continuously habitable to humankind, designers must make a shift to help people make that dramatic choice of choosing what is economically and environmentally friendly.

People already have an idea of what is good for the environment. All that they need is a little push. If designers can make environmentally-good products to be more desirable, then it won't be difficult for people to make a shift. A new direction for consumers will be opened and this time, it would be for the benefit not only of the economy but of the environment as well.

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