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2 Year Old Roman Dinkel Fights both Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida

Apr 15, 2019 09:38 PM EDT

Roman Dinkel
(Photo : Image taken from GoFundMe) Image of Roman Dinkel. You can support him at GoFundMe page

Roman Dinkel, the little boy who is just 2 years old has become the star of the social media because the gritty little feller refuses to give in to the odds that are stacked against him. This delightful toddler hailing from Kansas was born with a condition termed hydrocephalus that causes surplus water to collect in the cerebral ventricles. Recent studies have revealed that this may be due to NKCCI, a transporter of ions in the brain.

To make things worse, little Roman also suffers from spina bifida, another rare condition, meaning a defective neural tube that occurs due to the insufficiently developed closing of the backbone and spinal cord membrane. This causes a loss of sensation in the lower parts of the limbs such as legs and so can't move them, although Roman accomplished this by means of crutches.

Roman's parents, Adam and Whitney Dinkel regularly share the progress of their child on 'Defying the Odds,' their Facebook page which also imparts information about the condition, spina bifida. The page has more than 345,000 subscribers who are very much attracted by Roman's vibrant personality.

The Fight is Ongoing

This funky little boy lives and goes about his ways like a healthy kid. Having learned the use of a walker, Roman is walking, running and even playing with the aid of his crutches. His parents have taken him to Disneyland, he is attending a school like any healthy boy, and even learning to ride a bike. All these activities in combination impart to him, abilities that let him become very independent.

However, Roman's fight with his rare condition is by no means over. His parents fear that anything could occur, so any pain or symptom is taken seriously. As his parents, they keep a close watch over him and if any symptom of pain occurs they ask if it is normal to kids or it is a part of his conditions of Spina bifida or hydrocephalus.

Roman was subjected to some surgeries to improve both his conditions and these happened when his mother was with child for 25 weeks. And before he became a year old, his brain was operated upon twice. In spite of all these, the Dinkels wish to take delight in the little one's amazing accomplishments, as they try to give him the best life that they can provide him.

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