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Hurricane Forecast Needs Improvement Due To Climate Change

Apr 21, 2019 06:57 AM EDT

Storm Getting Worse
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The recent storms that hit the coastal zones of Carolinas and Texas have drawn more water than usual. Experts consider these storms an record breaking for engulfing most of the coast of the two areas in the US.

Though there has been numerous warnings brought to residents, it seems nobody could ever prepared for this kind of storm. And as the climate continues to warm up, experts believe that we need to produce better reports to predict the weather conditions. Communities in coastal areas need to be told what strength they could expect to better prepare for the next hurricane to come. More than that, it is the utmost safety of the residents that is the purpose here. After all, the hurricane season in the US is in about six weeks.

Recent studies have confirmed that the temperature of the world's oceans is speeding up faster than the experts have predicted. In fact, the estimate that the United Nations released in 2015 proves that the warming of the oceans have become faster by 40% than it was predicted on that year.

The research also confirms more than 90% of the warming of the waters is caused by the usage of the fossil fuels. The burning of the fossil fuels are causing the greenhouse gases to go two ways: in the atmosphere where it will be blocked and come back to earth eventually or in becomes trapped in the ocean waters. According to Zeke Hausfather, a scientist that specializes in the climate from Berkeley Earth said that about two thirds of the heat are trapped in the ocean's top layers going down to at least 700 feet. This is practically the layer where storms and hurricanes get their energy from.

"All the extra heat from the burning of fossil fuels increase the amount of carbon dioxide that goes into the air. However, when they go down into the ocean, they do not heat up the ocean evenly," Trenberth said. "The study also shows a clear indication of the regional manifestation of heat, which means some areas of the ocean are warmer than the others. It may not seem important now, but it could explain the reason why there is subsequent change in the climate in the next six months."

Improvements in the tracking of the hurricane and the forecast of its intensity will strategically improve how the government and the communities could cope with it. The adversities that they come with will be better dealt with when community leaders have enough knowledge to equip them on what to do.

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