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Running Out of TV Shows to Binge-Watch? Explore Binge-Worthy Science Courses Instead

Apr 29, 2019 02:17 PM EDT

Science Courses
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Summer is almost here, and many of our favorite television series are going on hiatus. That means now is a good time to shift your television habits in a new direction and boldly go where no binge-watcher has gone before - discover the science behind the shows! There's no time like the present because right now, you can start binge-watching The Great Courses Plus with a free trial subscription.

For the science-minded, watching the blatant mistakes and inaccurate depictions of how things work in popular TV shows and movies can often be painful. But the truth is out there, and The Great Courses Plus can help you find it. As shows go on hiatus, why not fill the hole in your entertainment schedule with learning instead?

With more than 67 science courses containing 1,800-plus riveting lectures by more than 50 of the world's most fascinating professors, a feast of binge learning awaits you at The Great Courses Plus. You can watch courses in other fields too, including literature, philosophy, history, music, and more. The course catalog contains a dozen categories, including science. The only challenge will be deciding which to watch first. Here are seven science course suggestions based on television viewing habits:

1. "Breaking Bad" fan? Try a chemistry course. Rogue chemistry teacher Walter White used scientific knowledge to acquire money and power, at least temporarily. The "Chemistry and Our Universe" course demonstrates that chemistry really is the science of everything. Learn what White got right and wrong, and where you can use chemistry in your everyday life (legally, of course).

2. Mad about "Mad Men"? Check out a class on human decision making. Iconic ad man Don Draper used cunning and creativity to compel consumers to buy his clients' products, all while making a mess of his personal life with questionable decisions. Learn more about why people make the choices they make in "How You Decide: The Science of Human Decision Making."

3. "Westworld" watcher? Take a look at the world's best robotics classes. The "Westworld" series depicts a future where artificial intelligence and consciousness collide with human greed and cruelty. Will that be the future? Explore the history and present-day implications of robot autonomy and much more with a brilliant robotics professor in the Robotics course catalog.

4. Hungry for more "Fat, Salt, Acid, Heat"? Explore the tasty world of food science. If you stream the adventures of a world-traveling chef and food writer who shares tips that make viewers better cooks, check out "Food, Science, and the Human Body." In this series, an award-winning anthropologist walks you through the evolution of the human diet and its effect on our bodies.

5. Fascinated by forensics on "Law & Order"? Find out how it works in real life. On TV shows, crime scene units often crack the case with fibers, fingerprints, tire impressions, and other tools of the trade. Sometimes the shows stretch the truth. In "Real Crime Scenes: The Evidence Speaks," you'll get a spellbinding look at the real-world forensic science that helps detectives solve crimes.

6. Love sci-fi shows like "Star Trek"? Boldly go explore the mysteries of the universe. We may not have warp drive yet, but thanks to brilliant astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, you can explore the mysteries of space from anywhere - no starship required. Check out the discussions on string theory, multiple universes, extraterrestrial life, and much more.

7. Miss Mythbusters? Arm yourself with physics facts to debunk popular misconceptions. Many over-the-top movie and TV show stunts were debunked on Mythbusters (like Indiana Jones using a life raft escape a plane crash). The "Physics in Your Life" courses can give you a basic grounding in physics so you can use science to quickly spot the preposterous.

So, if you've got some free time now that another season of your favorite TV shows is wrapping up, now you know there's an alternative that is frequently more fascinating than fiction - binge learning science - or subjects like economics, music, math, and more. With The Great Courses Plus, people who are interested in science have a universe of topics to explore, from anthropology to zoology.

For as little as $12.50 a month, you can binge learn by watching some of the most knowledgeable, engaging professors on the planet discuss their areas of expertise. There's no tuition due, no homework assigned and no need to leave home to attend class - with The Great Courses Plus, all you need is a subscription and a lifelong love of learning. Try it for free now

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