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Australia's Vergola Ties Up with Colorbond for Longer Lasting Open-Close Roof Systems

May 04, 2019 05:27 PM EDT

Vergola Open-Close Roof on a Patio
(Photo : Rebl Corp)
Vergola Open-Close Roof on a Patio (Screenshot taken from video "Vergola Sunshine Coast - Louvers")

There is one way to maximize one's outdoor living experience throughout the year. By using this roofing system, any type of house will have a cool shade in the summer and a very well lighted space in the winter.

This highly versatile and functional addition to the outdoor space is covered by an open-close roof system which can be installed on your patio. This may not be a new concept but manufacturers are coming up with new designs that are tailor-cut for the current needs of the homeowners. The open-close roof system is a motorized louvered roof design that allows for flexibility where, the louvers could be closed to protect a space from the rain, or opened for the warm sunshine to get through.

The problem that homeowners have is the dilemma in choosing the perfectly suitable patio roof for their outdoor area. It could be a difficult decision because there are so many design options to be considered. One manufacturer of louvered roof design is offering a broad range that would be perfect for any outdoor space and as an added bonus, there are options for customization as well. This is the Vergola, a prominent brand in Australia.

One common situation is when a house has been built without the patio. Most of the time, homeowners would probably be considering the patio long after construction has been done. This will not be a problem because there are professionals, such as architects, who can give the homeowners guidance and provide them with a patio design that would blend with their existing home design.

For example, the designers could take inspiration from many of the features of the house. They could make the patio look like a natural extension of the already built house because the patio posts by Vergola can be made from steel or timber or, as box frames or architectural columns, and with varied sizes and shapes that would fit accordingly to the designer's vision.

Aside from the structure itself, the Vergola elements also come in a standard range of Colorbond colors. This flexibility in color options gives the designer an extra leeway so that they could fit the new patio design into the landscape as well. Colorbond also ensures long-lasting protection for the new line of open-close roofing systems.

There are different available assemblies from which the designer and the homeowner can choose from.

These are the flat roof, skillion or sloping roof, A-frame roof, box frame roof, and curved beams. Both the flat roof and the skillion roof are among the most popular and preferred type of patios because of its versatility.

Also, these two kinds of frames fit well with most of the house designs. A-frames are generally used for larger patios. Box frames are used for a premium look option. Lastly, curved beams suit modern homes with sleek lines.

Vergola suggests that homeowners finish their outdoor space with vertical shutter screens that will allow light and air to flow into their space while screening the occupants from the outside.

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