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Four Paint Alternatives for Trendier Walls

May 03, 2019 09:43 AM EDT


Newly painted wall

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Paint is one of the most versatile finishing materials out there. Different kinds of colors are available at different types of formulation that can be used for various specific purposes. It also comes in different types of packaging that could affect the kind of application it is needed for. It can be applied by brush, rollers, sprays, or even through computerized equipment.

One quality of paint is its capability to coat and protect a surface. Because of this purpose, paint is usually permanent and long-lasting.

However, it is not all the time that a surface in an interior is appreciated to have the same color for a long period of time. Some consumers prefer a more color-flexible surface. This would open doors to a quicker adaptation of new trends in interior design or maybe, for backdrop changes for special occasions.

One way to introduce a new color to the walls of a house is a product called TemPaint. The product is a self-adhesive wall covering that comes in bright colors and beautiful hues. To use this product, all homeowners have to do is to stick the product onto the wall. The material is designed to look like a fresh coat of paint. This process eliminates The need to spend time waiting for the paint to dry or for the odor to neutralize. This peelable material makes it easier for users to change the color whenever they need to. TemPaint Comes in a 64 ft.² roll that retails for $40.

Another way to introduce new colors to an old wall surface is by using removable wallpapers. The advantage of this material is the wide array of patterns that the consumer can choose from. Like the temporary paint, it is also applied by sticking the material onto the wall surface. Each sheet has an average cost of $40.

A new trend in interior design, as suggested by Apartment Guide, is the use of fabrics which can be stretched over the wall surface and secured into position by small nails or by pins. The advantage of this material is that it leaves no visible traces on the walls when it is time to take the fabrics down. The cost differs per variation of fabric.

Tapestry is one of the classic methods of putting texture and color in a house's interiors. These woven works of art have lighter weight compared to painted masterpieces. It can easily be fastened by using simple nails. Prices for tapestry vary according to the quality of the item. The more intricate ones such as the Anya Knotted Tapestry Wall Hanging is priced at $398.

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