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New Trend in Kitchen Layout Eliminates the Need for a Formal Dining Room

May 06, 2019 04:58 PM EDT

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When it comes to the busiest part of a home, the kitchen wins the race. Interesting enough, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average person spends only 68 minutes each weekday eating in the kitchen. Around 37 minutes is the average time spent in preparing the meals. Even if it sounds like this number does not constitute a busy kitchen, no one can deny that the kitchen does not only function as a place to prepare meals and consume food, but also as a place for family time, homework, or even a simple conversation.

As this trend has taken over many homes, people are rethinking the layout of their kitchens.

One factor that can influence the design of a kitchen is its function as a communal zone. Nowadays, cooking is no longer a solitary task. Kitchens are getting larger to accommodate more than one person. There are additional zones such as a spot for meal creation, multiple sinks, large islands, and more counter space.

Aside from the main table where the family would spend dinners and lunches, there is also an addition of dining nooks that resemble banquet seating. The cozy space is designed to take advantage of the compact space and is still able to sit a number of people comfortably. This type of space provides a sensible and casual dining spot solution.

According to David Kensington, a San Francisco-based designer, formal dining and living room are now seldom used. Kitchens have evolved to accommodate meal preparation and dining as well. The current trend now is that a large family table is positioned in the center of the kitchen. This brings people into the room and gets them more involved with the food.

Another trendy addition to the new kitchen layout is a corner diner or a bar. This is where family members usually grab a snack, perching on a stool. A common scenario is a host would prepare their cocktails and appetizers while the guest engages in conversation as they wait by the bar.

Lastly, the kitchen is now commonly used as a work zone. Families with kids usually set up a tech zone in the kitchen where the children can work on their homework. At times, parents would also do light work in the kitchen, such as organizing the bills and mail. This is also one way for the parents to keep an eye on the children's activities, especially those involving the use of the internet.

With the growing need for a multi-purpose space, designers are now more mindful than ever in considering the different factors especially those that answer to the lifestyle of the homeowners.

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