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Researchers Suggest Radical Ways to End Climate Change Problems

May 30, 2019 08:38 AM EDT

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Researchers from Cambridge University are looking into setting up several studies that will focus on finding different ways to help save the Earth from the destruction caused by climate change. The researchers fear that the current initiatives to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere has barely made any recognizable impact at all.

In the goal of looking for the right solutions, the researchers have come up with a new, unique, and radical way to effectively reduce the presence of carbon in the atmosphere. Prof. Sir David King, former UK Government's Chief Scientific Adviser has taken the lead in coordinating the said organized effort.

"What we decide to do or not to do will affect how the world will be in ten thousand years. To date, there is no major center that takes care of how the world will be. This one will be focused on the issue of climate change," King explained.

Some of the suggested approaches to put an end to climate change are already known as geoengineering practices. The Center for Climate Repair will be a part of the Cambridge University's Initiative on Carbon Neutral Features. This study is led by Dr. Emily Shuckburgh.

Shuckburgh stated that the initiative's purpose is to "solve the climate problem." "It has to be the priority and that's not something we can fail on," the scientist later added.

It aims to bring together scientists as well as social scientists to fully discuss what can be done to solve the issues.

"This is really one of the most crucial challenges of our time and we know that all our efforts should be directed to it," Dr. Shuckburgh stated.

One of the radical suggestions on how to get the project moving is to refreeze the poles to help brighten the cloud above them. The idea includes the pumping of seawater on unmanned ships to inject them into the clouds. The goal is to cool the area below them and it will help if the rain comes with it too.

There is also a suggestion to recycle carbon dioxide by storing it underground and making use of it when the need arises to keep industries from producing more.

Most of the schemes suggested can be considered quite radical, but all of them are aimed at helping cool the Earth's atmosphere. If the efforts to reduce carbon emissions isn't working very well, perhaps these radical options can make it happen.

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