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Santa Is Coming! NORAD Helps Kids Track Santa’s Journey on the Night Before Christmas

Dec 24, 2014 02:44 PM EST


Technology can do almost anything these days and yes, there is an app for this too.

Every year on Christmas Eve, Ol' St. Nick and his reindeer take off from the North Pole and begin a trip around the world. Every year, kids wait up wondering where Santa is now but with the help of a little technology, they no longer have to wonder.

Thanks to the jolly volunteers at NORAD, the original Santa trackers, and Google, the more recent Santa trackers, kids only need to log onto a website, app, Facebook or Twitter and they can find out where Santa is at that instant.

NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command) has been tracking Santa's Christmas Eve trek for 59 years. It all started in 1955 when a misprint in the ever-popular Sears Roebuck & Co advertisement directed kids to call Santa at the number for Continental Air Defense Command (now NORAD). The operators that day did simply did what seemed right and played along giving updates on Santa's whereabouts. Thus, a tradition was born.

Google began tracking Santa just a few years ago in 2004 using Google Earth with NORAD's updates. Then, in 2012, they spun off to do the tracking all on their own. Google's tracker adds a bit more to the tracking experience with interactive games, bright colors and animated features.

But still, NORAD is more accessible offering apps for iOS and Android. It still seems to be the go-to Santa tracker, with its topographical world map and reindeer animations. According to NORAD, Santa has already delivered in excess of 2.3 million gifts.

Find out where Santa is now:

Official NORAD Santa Tracker

Official Google Santa Tracker

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