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Breastfeeding May Come With Heart Health Benefits

May 20, 2019 10:15 PM EDT

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Is breastfeeding as option for you? Experts say that breastfeeding a baby until they reach the age of two comes with a lot of benefits for the child. However, new studies show that the mother may also benefit from such an experience especially when they choose to breastfeed for a period longer than 2 years. The findings were revealed in a report presented in the recent European Society of Endocrinology event. According to the event, women who have opted to breastfed at some point in their lives are less likely to develop heart complications. This benefit in amplified to those who breastfed longer.

Several researches in the past have concluded how beneficial it is for women who engage in breastfeeding. One of its many advantages is that breastfeeding can act as a natural form of contraception within the first 6 months also known as the lactational amenorrhea method (LAM). Most of the time, breastfeeding mothers don't get pregnant easily. Women who choose to breastfeed their offspring enjoy regular weight loss, better blood sugar regulation as well as reduced risks for particular types of cancer, including breast cancer. A woman's body produces prolactin and it may be the secret to why breastfeeding women enjoy all these benefits. The levels of prolactin increase when a woman is actively breastfeeding her child.

The latest study looks into the link of breastfeeding to cardiovascular diseases, which is still one of the main causes of death among women. Discounting body weight and smoking history, researchers found that post menopausal women who opted to breastfed at some point in their lives have significantly lower risks that those who didn't. The increased levels of prolactin hormone is saving women from the risks of developing cardiovascular problems.

Although additional research still needs to be conducted to help determine the cause of the link between breastfeeding and the cardiovascular health. Experts of the study assumes that the hormone prolactin may be a huge factor behind it. This study may give another reason for women to choose breastfeeding over formula milk.

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