Jul 23, 2019 | Updated: 09:13 AM EDT

Increased Demand in Liposuction Procedures Linked to Trendy Athletic Gear

Jun 02, 2019 12:12 AM EDT


A new trend in fashion is on the rise. Men and women alike are embracing the athletic style of clothing as their everyday outfit. Several brands have tapped new endorsers to gain more interest from the public. This trend has reportedly driven athletic wear sales through the roof.

Surprisingly, the rise in demand and supply of athletic wear has also driven the demand for liposuction procedures up.

In recent years, many famous brands have embraced the concept behind "athleisure" which justifies the wearing of sports bra and leggings virtually anywhere as "acceptable". Yet, rather than actually going to the gym, some women that patronize the athleisure style actually credit their sculpted bodies to aesthetic clinics. This report is according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

The number of liposuction treatments particularly targeting the fats at the buttocks and the thighs have risen significantly by 12%. This makes thigh and buttock augmentation the fastest growing industry in plastic surgery.

The desire to shed off the extra pounds comes with numerous benefits. Living a more active lifestyle, brought about by this desire or the style of clothing, is nonetheless beneficial for women. Regulated weight loss saves most women from numerous lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity. These diseases come with a lot of other diseases too, which means living a more active lifestyle allows people to live longer and perhaps an even better life.

However, experts warn of the dangers that the desire to adapt an athleisure style without actually living an athletic or at least, a healthy lifestyle could have adverse effects. Scientists added that this instance is not uncommon and many women are putting their fashion investments in the wrong place in such cases.

Researcher Rajiv Grover has observed that some consumers are deliberately going to extreme measures just to satisfy the new fashion trend. Women are now eager to show off their physique as opposed to covering up.

ASPS president Dr. Alan Matarasso explained, "Liposuction continues to be the gold standard in body contouring because of its versatility, efficiency, and effectiveness,"

Although liposuction promises women to get the body sculpting that they want with little to no effort, it plants the idea that the solution always comes fast.

Still, experts conclude that the athleisure fashion trend could be the right choice as it somehow drives the consumers to be active and engage in physical activities.

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