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Expert Tips for a Quiet and Peaceful Apartment

May 23, 2019 08:52 AM EDT

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For some people, owning a house is not yet an option. The common choice was to rent an apartment. With this, a different set of pros and cons could challenge the renter. One common disadvantage when renting a unit in a residential building is the fact that the renter could not control whatever is outside the unit that they are renting. This means that if a neighbor is noisy, The only thing that they could do is to complain and wait for the authorities' actions.

However, there are installments that an apartment renter could use to make sure that the unit they are renting would be noise free. The only problem now is that signing a lease might limit what one can do to fully soundproof their unit. This means that renters who are eager to modify their apartment could only do so much.

Still, there are workarounds that can be done so that the renter could live in a quieter and more peaceful space.

One way of turning down ambient noise from outside the unit is by using ceiling clouds and acoustic fixtures.

This is acoustic panels that hang from the ceiling. Using these panels would reduce the noise that would come through from the floor above the unit. It would be a good idea to check with the landlord because some would not allow this installation. There are also acoustic light fixtures that manufacturers claim to absorb some sound.

Zach Ziskin, a recording engineer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, stated that the more mass between a renter and the noisy neighbor could lessen the sound that will come through from the walls. This means that for example, a neighbor has a habit of playing loud guitar in the middle of the night, one solution is to rearrange the furniture by putting bookcases or other heavy Furniture against the wall between the noisy neighbor and the renter.

Heather Humphrey, owner of the interior design firm Alder & Tweed in Park City, Utah, stated that the heavier and denser textile would have greater absorption. This means that it is recommended to position fabric covered sofas with lots of decorative pillows and throws closer to windows and doors.

The interior designer also added that the same principle could be applied when using soft goods such as rugs and towels in the bathroom. She added that the more cover that the walls could have meant that there would be a greater barrier from the sound coming from the other side of the wall.

In a matter of windows, the renter should always consult the landlord before deciding to caulk and seal window casings to make the seal more airtight. On the other hand, an easier way to battle noise from outside the window is to use heavy curtains.

The door is another source of noise pollution because of the cracks around it. For this, high-quality weatherstripping is available which can be installed between the door and the frame to create a seal when closed. If there is an air gap between the floor and the bottom of the door, heavy duty door sweep or a door draft blocker can be attached to create a seal.

Of course, nothing beats letting your neighbor know and consider that you are not comfortable with the noise they are making.

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