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Why Aliens Remain A Secret To Us

Jun 10, 2019 09:15 AM EDT

Alien Life
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The universe is unimaginably big and it is teeming with life, but the existence of life outside of the Earth remains to be unknown to humans. Where the heck is everybody? Are aliens for real?

This is what scientists call as the Fermi Paradox. This is the term used to refer to the scientific anomaly that despite the millions of stars in the galaxy let alone those outside the galaxy that we have yet to discover, people have never encountered signs of an alien civilization, let alone their existence. Why does it remain like this despite advancements in human technology?

Generations of scientists and thinkers have pondered upon the same thought. The same kind of wondering remains since the paradox was coined some decades ago. Some are suggesting that the aliens are hibernating and that in time, they will show up. And then there are others that say there is something mysterious that is making it impossible for the aliens to complete their revolution this time. There are also some scientists who are suggesting that aliens have opted not to deal with us simply because they don't want to.

Last year, a new theory was introduced by Alexander Berezin, a physicist from the National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET) in Russia. He is putting forward the concept of "First in, Last out". He sees this as a solution to the Fermi Paradox. According to his paper that's yet to be evaluated and published, the answer to this paradox may be trivial and may be hard to accept primarily "because it provides us a view of what the future will be like for us, and it might come in an even worse form than just extinction."

As Berezin said, the problem to most proposed solutions to the Fermi Paradox is that it limits its definition of what alien life is. It is defined as something too similar to the life that is known to humans that it remains close to other possibilities.

"The nature of these civilizations arising from the stars should not even matter. We should be more open to thinking of other possibilities of where these alien life could emerge from," he said. He is proposing that we think that these aliens could be biological organism like most of us on Earth.

And yet despite the more holistic approach to view such, there remains to be no evidence of their existence. Perhaps all that we could do at this time is to be hopeful that in time, more knowledge will be collected about these aliens. It is best to let all that we know of today be the "parameter A" of how we view alien life or its non-existence.

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