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Tel Aviv Studio Introduces Cocoon-Sprayed Stackable Lamps

Jun 13, 2019 08:58 AM EDT

(Photo : Dezeen)
Creating a ToTeM Lamp (Screenshot taken from video "Aqua Creations introduces stackable Totem lighting")

Providing lighting for interior space can be very technical and straightforward. It could start with a long computation, followed by a list of possible choices, finished off with the installation and operation of the lighting fixtures.

Interior designers and utility manufactures work to provide the client or homeowner with space appropriate items that they require. Still, it does not have to stop at creating products or designing the space solely according to its purpose. It could also mean that these experts have taken it upon themselves to provide services or items that are of the highest quality.

Aqua Creations, a studio based in Tel Aviv, has launched a series of sculptural lighting fixtures. Each unit can be used individually or even stacked on top of another unit.

Aqua Creations has released three designs of the stackable lighting fixtures. These are the To, Te, and M, which, when put together spells ToTeM.

The collection features three different rectangular forms with rounded edges having different proportions. The first one is almost square, the second one is tall and thin, and the third one is wide and short.

The studio Aqua Creations has been known for designing different types of furniture and fixtures that feature organic shapes and forms. The ToTeM collection has been designed in reference to such shapes and forms that are found in the natural world.

The shades for the sculptural lighting fixtures were made by spraying a "cocoon" polymer onto the metal structures of the lamps. Each of the pieces was designed to be combined with the other pieces which will then form a number of close-to-custom configurations.

Albi Serfaty, the co-founder of Aqua Creations and the designer of the sculptural lamps stated that the versatility and playfulness of the units make ToTeM unique. Serfaty added that each sheet has its own shape and personality. The designer later compared the lamps to people as the lamps can be connected together and build larger lighting items. For example, three lamp units connected one on top of the other could form a large chandelier.

ToTeM can be used as either a hanging pendant lamp or a floor lamp. When hung from the ceiling as a pendant, a simple cord is used. On the other hand, The lighting units are perched on a triangular black steel frame with three legs when used as a floor lamp. In addition, the floor units would come with a removable white ash wood shelf which can be used to display small decorative objects or potted plants.

Experts have regarded the ToTeM collection as a suitable fixture for either public and private spaces because of its stylish design and it uses a powerful LED lighting mechanism.

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