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10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Research Paper Writing Skills

Jun 27, 2019 03:17 PM EDT

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Research Paper Writing Skills
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]When your topic for research is complex you definitely want to study it with all possible precision to get a good mark and your teacher's admiration for your work. Yet, what should you do if writing papers and examining various issues is not an easy job for you? How can you eliminate failure to do this assignment correctly?

Right now, we are going to tell you about a number of useful recommendations which will help you prepare a stunning research paper. Are you ready for a short workshop on academic writing? Great! Then let's start!

1. Work out a schedule

Break the whole work into parts and assume how much time you will need for each of them. For example, it may look like:

  • Collecting information-1-2 days

  • Analyzing retrieved data-1 day

  • Working on the body of your assignment -2-3 days

  • Editing a draft of the paper-2 days

  • Completing the final version-1-2 days

  • Revising your assignment-1 day

Such a well-devised plan will help you organize the writing process better. Yet, keep in mind that working on some parts of your study may take a bit longer than you think. Thus, you should have a couple of extra days or even a week to finish it.

2. Make an outline

This is highly effective for many reasons. First, in such a way, you can build a structure for your paper. Secondly, you will become better-motivated, since you will know for sure what information you already have and what you still need to find.

3. Conduct your own investigation

Be an academic detective. As soon as you formulate the main issue of your research, do your own study: ask your teacher questions connected with your topic or talk to experts who are competent in the subject you are learning about. Also, you can analyze as many relevant sources as you can find. Such a comprehensive approach will help make your own expertise accurate and deep.

4. Write a thesis statement

Place it at the beginning of your research. It will express the key idea of your study and clarify what problem you are going to solve due to your investigation. You can make it catchy or thought-provoking. In any case, a thesis sentence will become the core of your paper.

5. Use credible sources

Take information from credible books and articles. They shouldn't be older than 4-5 years. Though, it could be a good idea to use earlier publications if you want to highlight some tendencies in a particular area.

6. Provide unbiased arguments 

Choose objective data and opinions to support the main ideas of your work. Compare different points of view and suggest your own vision of the issue. Such an approach will help you acquire analytical skills as well as valuable experience as an entry-level scientist.

7. Make the text of your paper coherent

Write all the paragraphs in a logical sequence. Stick to the topic and try not to skip from one idea to another abruptly. Also, present your thoughts and arguments consequently to increase the accuracy of your research.

8. Add citations, diagrams, or tables

Suitable quotes of authoritative experts and scholars will raise the credibility of your paper. Additionally, they will create vital links between the experience of other specialists and your own findings. Yet, make sure you cite their works according to the popular formatting styles in order not to be accused of plagiarism. Also, using diagrams and tables in your research paper will help to organize the information you present and make your assignment look more logical.

9. Complete a profound summary

When you come to the last part of your paper, focus on concluding your research precisely. There's no need to add any new details or facts at this stage. Rather than that, reiterate the crucial findings you have discovered while investigating the problem.

10. Edit your paper and refine its content

After your research paper is finished, it is time to review it. Check and edit the text carefully. Take no less than three rounds to revise it properly and not to omit grammatical or stylistic errors. In addition, double-check the word choice and the rules of the paper format you have chosen.

Summing up

Although research papers are not easy to complete, we are sure you will cope with this task in a perfect way by following our recommendations. But if you prefer to buy a research paper online customized to your needs instead, a professional team of ENL writers will readily prepare any task for you. 

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