Jul 22, 2019 | Updated: 09:15 AM EDT

Disney Partners with Filipino Designer Cobonpue for Star Wars Furniture Line

Jul 08, 2019 07:49 AM EDT

Another installment from the Star Wars franchise is about to be released in theaters by December 20, 2019.
Meanwhile, Disney has opened up a Star Wars-themed section in Disneyland Anaheim in California, where fans from different places have gathered in the said location last June 24, 2019. Some incident reports have revealed that thieves have been taking items from the park and selling the paraphernalia via online websites.

Still, there is a way for Star Wars enthusiasts and fans to get a hold of Star Wars memorabilia in a more legal way. Disney has announced their partnership with Kenneth Cobonpue, a Filipino designer who, eight months ago in the Philippines, has unveiled a high-end Star Wars furniture line. Interior designers think that the new furniture line is both stylish and nerdy, which actually captures the hearts of many consumers.

The collection was first launched last fall in the Philippines and sales were said to be initially exclusive for the said country alone. Now, however, the Star Wars furniture line is already available at selected retailers and showrooms across the US. The high-end furniture line features a footstool cushioned with Chewbacca's fuzzy hair, lamps powered by mini lightsabers, and many more. The high-end furniture is definitely designed for ultimate Star Wars fans.

According to an interview, the Filipino designer Cobonpue initially refused the project as the designer stated that he does not make replicas of machines. However, the entertainment giant insisted that Star Wars be interpreted through the lens of the Filipino designer. Cobonpue was not sure how to marry his design philosophy and language with that of the Star Wars franchise. The designer later decided to view it as another design challenge. He then incorporated the various shapes and motifs from the films of Star Wars he knew growing up, making sure the items are recognizable. The designer was careful to stop short of being too literal and to find the balance between interpretation, inspiration, and expression

Other items included in the high-end furniture line are a TIE fighter chair which is available in both white and black, which goes well with the TIE fighter tables, Jedi lamps which can either hang from the ceiling or rest on the floor stand, the "Wookie" rocking stool with Chewbacca's fur and signature ammo belt, and the Vader easy armchair, which also comes with a movable arm so that it can be used as a comfy mini desk.

A list of distributors can be found on the designer's website. However, online ordering is not yet an option for the items.


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