Jul 22, 2019 | Updated: 09:15 AM EDT

Environmental Crisis in Israel May Be Getting Worse

Jul 11, 2019 09:44 AM EDT

(Photo : Toa Heftiba Sinca)

A pressing problem in Gaza was reported by the Israeli experts showing that the humanitarian crisis is now the main cause of its environmental destruction. The impact of the increasing population led to increasing pollution on Israel's groundwater, seawater, beaches, and desalination plants.  

A team of researchers from Tel Aviv and Ben-Gurion universities have presented their paper on the collapsing electricity, water and sewage infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. The study was commissioned by EcoPeace Middle East, an environmental organization that was interested in finding out the risks of the materials from the Gaza strip to pose potential dangers on the seawater, beaches, groundwater and even to desalination plants. 

Anyone who is expecting to read the report would expect that the report would include the growing number of the population in Gaza who are living in inhumane conditions due to the relentless blockage of their entry into the Palestinian Strip. The military assaults have also brought about devastating effects in the area and it has since hindered the growth of the people in the area. 

Surprisingly, the report shows that the environmental damage was mainly caused by the local people of Gaza. The imminent catastrophe in the area is causing threats to the security and overall well-being of Israeli citizens. The presentation of the study was published in a detailed report in Haaretz and it tackles the issue of national security. 

However, what the Israeli's described as a "national security problem" is truly a disaster that is waiting to happen. Dispossession, aggression, and colonization against the Palestinians have brought about huge damages to its immediate environment, not to mention the people who had to suffer because of the Israeli occupiers.  

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