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Tips to Kick Your Smoking Habit in 2015

Jan 05, 2015 03:34 PM EST


Every year, smokers all over the country make a New Year's resolution to finally kick habit once and for all.  While their success is always mixed, just trying is a great place to start.  This year the American Lung Association has some tips for smokers to make 2015 the year to finally quit smoking for good.

1.  It's never too late to quit.

While quitting sooner rather than later is always best, you are never too young to stop smoking.  Regardless of your age, you will certainly begin to feel the health benefits and it will help you live longer.  Plus, since you won't be buying cigarettes anymore you will have more money in your pocket. 

2.  Learn from your past attempts.

If you were unsuccessful quitting in the past, don't let that discourage you.  Almost every smoker has tried to quit and failed.  Learn from your mistakes and use that knowledge to help you achieve success.

3.  Don't do it alone.

Once you make the decision to quit, tell everyone you know.  Other smokers you know might also want to quit and could provide you with the support you need.  It doesn't hurt to have people to hold you accountable either. 

The American Lung Association offers the Freedom From Smoking program to help you, as well.  The toll-free Freedom From Smoking Helpline is 1-800-LUNGUSA. The hotline is staffed with smoking cessation experts who can answer questions and help devise plans to quit.

4.  Try medication or other smoking cessation methods.

If going cold turkey doesn't work for you, consider trying one of the many smoking cessation medications available.  There are many types of therapies to help you quit ranging from medication to gums to patches.  The problem with these methods is many smokers don't use them correctly.  Before you begin one of these methods, consult with your doctor about how to properly use it to increase your chances of success.

Remember, you are not alone.  Smokers everywhere are trying to kick the habit and anyone can do it.  While you might think it is impossible, there are currently more than 50 million former smokers in the United States alone.  Studies show that your body begins to heal itself in as little as twenty minutes after your last puff.  Just imagine how much your body can heal if you never pick up a cigarette again.  The most important thing is not to give and don't ever quit quitting.

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