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Ebola Virus Shuts Down Ohio Bridal Shop in Wake of US Deaths

Jan 09, 2015 04:39 PM EST


Ebola isn't just having a devastating effect on the human population, as the death tolls continue to rise. It appears with a recent closure that the viral infection is exhibiting ramifications in the economy, as well.

While the patient is long gone, it appears that the stigma remains in the small community of Akron, Ohio. After a temporary closure due to a visit from an Ebola-infected Texas nurse last October, owners from an Ohio bridal shop announced this week that they would be closing their doors for good-and it has a lot to do with the viral infection that plagued their store.

Early last October, Texas nurse Amber Vinson who was one of the very first people in the United States to contract the virus, visited the Coming Attractions Bridal & Formal boutique in Akron, Ohio while planning her wedding. Shortly after her flight home to Dallas, the nurse was diagnosed with the Ebola virus and sent to quarantine. But she wasn't the only one. Medical directors and health officials from Summit County Ohio advised the bridal shop to close its doors in precaution, and even after the shop took a hiatus of several weeks, the hits continued to keep coming. 

When the shop reopened its doors, a professional cleaning crew was called in to sterilize the dresses and the boutique, yet nothing could be done to sterilize the stigma in the community. Continuing to lose money, the company has decided to close its doors once and for all, and announced on Wednesday that it would be saying goodbye after thirty years of operation in the community.

"I am sad to announce that Coming Attractions Bridal & Formal [boutique] is being forced to wind down its operations after thirty years of service, due to the devastating effect that recent events have had on our business" spokespersons for the boutique said in a recent release issued on Wednesday. "Despite our best efforts, we simply have been unable to recover."

Representatives for the boutique assured patrons that they would remain open until all existing orders are completed, leading them to believe their final days will come this May when all orders are filled. The store also plans to liquidate all of its current stock, and will begin a going-out-of-business sale beginning this weekend, Jan. 10.

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