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Google Glass News, Price, Review, & Specs: 5 Winners Chosen in Non-Profit Contest

Jul 10, 2014 12:52 AM EDT


Google started a contest back in April that sought to award non-profit organizations for their ideas on how to creatively use Google Glass devices.

Now, five organizations have each been rewarded with $25,000 grants, a Google Glass device and a trip to the a Google office for training, as well as help and support from Google developers.

More than 1,300 nonprofits entered the contest. Google deliberated and chose the five winners: 3000 Miles to a Cure, Classroom Champions, The Hearing and Speech Agency, Mark Morris Dance Group and Women's Audio Mission.

These five different nonprofits may have vast differences in what they do, but they all have one thing in common: innovative ideas and ways to use Google Glass in their missions.

Classroom Champions plans to use Google Glass to show students in high-needs schools a first-person view of Paralympic athletes training and competing.

The Women's Audio Mission will use Glass to enhance lab experiences during its media-based training program.

3000 Miles to a Cure will use Glass to deliver information to bicycle riders taking part in a charity bike ride,

The Hearing and Speech Agency and the Mark Morris Dance Group will use Glass as a therapuetic solution.

The Mark Morris Dance Group will use dance and Google Glass to help those with Parkinson's disease according to WPTV.

This positive publicity for Google could help increase sales and interest in Google Glass. Analysts at BusinessInsider are predicting a price drop in the devices and sales of 3 million units by 2016.

Currently, Google Glass is more popular among extremely technical people and some select professionals, it hasn't really taken off for mainstream users yet.

What do you think about the capabilities of Google Glass? Do you think the average American will buy them, or will they be strictly purchased by tech-savvy individuals? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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