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Best Samsung S5 Cases: We Review Speck Candy Shell, Moshi Sense Cover, and More

Feb 08, 2015 05:09 PM EST


In the mobile world, there are a few names as synonymous with Android as the Samsung Galaxy line. This line offers shiny new models with each passing year. Of particular interest is the Samsung GalaxyS5 which has had a lot of hype to live up to. The Samsung galaxy S5 is one serious android power house combining the latest and the greatest technologies the mobile world has to offer in one sleek package. It is adored for its new features and is able to satisfy most users with quality specs, including an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. Sadly, these features won't save it from bumps, scratches and falls. Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases around to keep your new star shining.

Spigen's Slim Armor

Spigen's Slim Armor tops our list. This dual-layer plastic and rubber case is less bulky than most cases made with the same material. Spigen's Slim Armor's attention to detail is obvious. It comes in different colors and is committed to maintain the Galaxy S5 signature ''Band-Aid'' look. With the buttons pressing well, this case allows full access to all the inputs and outputs. It is available for only $17. Spigen's Slim Armor is the right balance for protection, size, aesthetics and price.

Incipio Feather

Are you a minimalist? The Incipio Feather is the ultimate case for you! This case is extremely thin, around 1mm. It is uniquely crafted with plextonium material to provide a durable protection. With a nice soft-touch feel, Incipio feather makes it comfortable to hold. This case has proven again and again to be a great combination of class, durability and design. However, it lacks the detailed protection around the camera and speakers that the Slim Armor offers. It is available for around $15 in a wide array of colors including yellow, purple, black, pink and the pictured cyan.

Speck Candy Shell

Also great is the Speck Candy Shell. This case comes with a double layer of protective material. Being thinker than the Slim Armor, Speck Candy Shell is rated for military- level protection. For only $35, this case is designed for the clumsy type or individuals deeply worried about damaging their Samsung Galaxy S5. Its design is aesthetically pleasing while offering a level of protection that meets military drop-test specifications.

Moshi Sense Cover

Another type of case to consider is the folio case. According to the Wire Cutter, most folios tested left the Galaxy S5's edges exposed. However, Moshi Sense Cover case covers them, allowing you to use the phone with the lid shut. If you prefer to have the front of your Galaxy S5 covered, Moshi Sense Cover is notably the only folio tested that offers proper protection for the phone in addition to a front flap with clear plastic touch-through window and app integration. All other folios lacked the edge protection capability. Despite having adequate screen protection capabilities, they fall short in body coverage.

In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy S5 cases range from stylish to functional and each case has its unique features that can help your phone stand out from the crowd.

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