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Best Galaxy Note 4 Cases: We Review Otter Box, Spigen, and More

Feb 19, 2015 06:37 PM EST


Whoever said that beauty is what inspires great emotion, must have had Galaxy Note 4 in mind. It is beautiful in design, intuitive and offers bright and very clear images even when the photos are taken in the dark. This is the kind of phone you would love to protect and keep for a long time. So what cases can you use for such a phone? Let's look at some cases available to ensure you get the best there is for your Galaxy Note 4.

Otter Box defender series cases:

This is one type of case that is close to being as amazing and pricy as the Galaxy Note4. It has an in-built screen protector that ensures that your phone stays free of scratches. Can you imagine a scratched Note 4? Nobody wants that. Although this case is not water proof (quite a setback), it has an awesome shock-absorbent constructed design and its durable cover wraps around the inner layer of the phone preventing unwanted dust getting to its openings.

Caseology Galaxy Note 4 Case:

Even before realizing that this case comes in both leather and carbon fiber finishes, hold on to the fact that it is cheaper that the Otter Box defender series cases. It is made from very durable materials and fits all the carrier versions of the Galaxy Note 4. However for the color lovers, it is quite sad that this case is limited in color options.

Spigen Galaxy Note 4 Case With Screen protector:

As the name suggests, this is one of the few cases that comes along with a premium screen protector and its flexibility, elasticity and durability makes it favorable for most buyers. According to Heavy Tech, this case is not only notable by potential buyers because of its cheap price but also for being attractive and available in many colors. The major setback is that this case is not made my Samsung and it scares away some potential buyers who are loyal to the brand.

Cush Cases Flip Case:

This case by Cush Cases is designed to protect your phone from edge stripping as it comes with a polyurethane shell which adds protection to the phone. The most notable thing about this case is that when viewing your Galaxy Note 4; it can also function as the stand.

From the list above, you will find a case that will uniquely suit your needs. Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and avoid expensive repairs that would result from an accidental fall. Which case best describes your style?

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