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Flappy Bird Online & Release: Similar 'Let It Goat' Game Soars on App Store

Jul 10, 2014 01:33 AM EDT


Two high-school-aged interns created "Let it Goat" and it's already being compared to "Flappy Bird," the game that was downloaded over 50 million times.

"Let it Goat" is a simple game with a cute character named Mounty. In the game, you control Mounty the goat and help him navigate through obstacles. Don't let Mounty get impaled by a spike or he'll die!

The game was just released July 2 by the two SkyVu Entertainment interns, both named Jack. After its release "Let it Goat" hit the top ten in iTunes downloads.

Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky already had a huge social media presence on Vine, with over 3.9 million followers. Now, they're encouraging users of "Let it Goat" to tweet them their high scores. If Johnson and Gilinsky are impressed, they might follow the user on Twitter.

Similar to "Flappy Bird" in that the game is pretty basic, it's already getting tons of great reviews. On iTunes, it has a five-star rating. "Flappy Bird" was taken offline in February when the creator decided the game was "ruining his life."

"This game is really hard. But the animal is funny looking and the music is amusing," one review wrote. "I know this is probably bad to say, but i love it when i die. The goat makes weird noises when it dies and it makes me laugh so hard."

"Flappy Bird" had users navigating a bird through green pipes and was extremely addicting. With over 50 million downloads, "Flappy Bird's" popularity got to creator Dong Nguyen and he took the game offline.

Will "Let it Goat" have the same fate? It shares the same 16-bit graphics, the easy gameplay and it has the possibility of being just as addicting.

Writers at the Daily Dot don't think "Let it Goat" will be as popular as "Flappy Bird." One thing they note is when you die in "Let it Goat" you are bombarded with ads and opportunities to share your score to Facebook or Twitter. They conclude that "Flappy Bird" is a much better "no frills" game.

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